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  1. good to hear, I think it was due to Monday being a holiday. its not the funnest switch to install, that is for sure.
  2. yeah absolutely, I would just throw in the entire part.
  3. CRRRAZY Bmcintyre Stormtrooper1- I need to talk to you about the locks a little more so I send you exactly what you need the first time around. I will be shipping your stuff asap within the next 24 hours, sorry I am a bit on the slow side, I've just been really busy.
  4. I am unsure if the lighter itself works, the green light works.
  5. Sold the head unit no Volans Sorry... power antenna and cig lighter surrounding, 30$ shipped
  6. just the rubber gutters, its a sedan... where is it located? is it to catch oil blowbye from the turbo? 1. Climate sensor sold 2. Power antenna works fine! 3. I will check the condition of the green surround for you abs module SOLD, sorry
  7. I opened up some space in my box. VBGT- I have both the driver headlight and the passenger turn signal. Motor mounts will have to wait... Stormtrooper- pm'd Fool- pm'd
  8. anyone else who I have recieved payment, I will be shipping your stuff today, I have the day off, sorry for any delay and thank you for being patient, I've been very busy for the past week.
  9. fool, just send me a shipping label that puts the shipping on the recipient, that is what another guy did and it worked out very easy that way
  10. fool, being the most consistant I guess has won you the broken R bumper, shippings on you man. how about you send me a ups shipping order, 20$ for my time removing it and dealing with it and the bumper is yours.
  11. I think about 5 or more people have declared that they were going to buy the broken front bumper but nobody has followed through, I think its junk, it could be fixed but still its junk I tell you. I think Im going to go kick it a few times so nobody wants it lol...
  12. hey sorry, I will delete some of those messages and open up some space.
  13. hey, sorry I will go through those emails again right now and get back to you guys.
  14. I actually found the receipt, I paid 96 and the guy gave me a discount the actual price they charge is 108.26 through volvo, so 50$ is def fair, hah, I will send you the receipt with it in case it ever malfunctions you can complain.