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  1. Here's the old thread:
  2. Heh. It's perfectly OK to just admit you like riding a road bike for the sake of riding a road bike.
  3. Your p1 looks like fun. My cove was my trailbike but now that I have the enduro I am going to convert the cove to more of a park/dj bike (shorter stem, e.13 chaingude, etc.)
  4. I love bikes! Post up your pics! (Bicycles... no moto.) This habit is what keeps me from dumping money into cars. '05 Specialized Enduro Expert '05 Cove Stiffee FR '03 Litespeed Vela '92 Specialized Hardrock Ultra (my first real bike, now seeing duty in singlespeed form)
  5. To echo above... the V70XC is what they called the P1 car. It gets me around: