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  1. Euro Sport Tuning out of Burlington Ontario at
  2. You know it, Canada is the place to be. I am from canada thoughI am in tennesse for school It is the 1997 855 AWD LPT MANUAL, with a eurosport tuning short shirt kit, eurosport poly engine mount, turbonetics manual boost controller, and a gauge. I have only had the car for about 2 months now and am loving it. Gonna get alot more power pretty soon. check out the pic if you want
  3. What about just by passing the solenoid so the ecu doesn't know the boost is high. that would be alright I guess if i stay under 10 psi. I have read that the factury tune is good to about 13.5psi, but I don't want to push the engine to fail.
  4. hey I was wonder if any one has come into the same problem I have. I got a 1997 850 turbo AWD, and I have stucka boost gauge and manual boost controller on it this week. It runs fine when I barely turn up the boost from 5 psi, though When I hit about 7 the computer kicks. I am looking to turn it up to about 10 psi and apparently that is safe with the stock ecu programing. There is a solenoid valve near the wastegate that is hooked up to the vacuum lines, so my buddy and I are figuring that it is sensing the over boost and sending the info to the computer and is venting the boost and going to s