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  1. I've just checked mine - arrived yesterday. No fiddling to do, just fit and enjoy.
  2. That's an incredible price. I can't get them here for less than £550 give or take a few quid.
  3. I'm going with them because I don't need the hassle of adjusting my shocks, I just want them to be good always. Like making them one setting round town is cool, but then going onto the freeway later might ask a different setting - the point of the FSDs is to soak up the bumps when needed and send them to your butt when the fun's going on. Eibachs simply because I don't need the hassle of having to send them back. They'll work and they are tested. People tow with Eibachs. People road-race with them. I'll tell you how they work out. The butt-ometer won't be able to distinguish between 'better than OEM' & 'same as OEM' but will report 'better than 183k miles' and 'worse than 183k miles' :D
  4. KW. vv31tEc 4 Te|-| S|_|><0r, a|| yU0r 8aS3 aR3 83|0nG 2 |<0Ni :lol:
  5. For completeness this is the response I got from KW. Like all companies, with a little work you can always find a decent employee. My contact at KW/Weitec has been completely polite, considerate and helpful. -- -- So there you have it. Any ambiguity in the email was cleared up with a phone call today. He said it was quite possible that this inclusion has always been the case. Seriously thanks for hearing me out over here guys. I'm a guest on your forum, and appreciate being listened to. Hope I haven't ruined anybody's day, just spreading the Ovlov :)
  6. Maybe you got the Volvo Sport sachs stuff on originally. The shocks in the kit are base 850. check the link http://www.partsforvolvosonline.com/produc...roducts_id=3532 Then look back at the part number in my photo on the first page. "Ref: 30.553058" edit: the same goes for the rear parts, I checked.
  7. OEM shocks, and springs that don't quite fit on either a saloon or a wagon. Bargain.
  8. Ok I have had both an email and a phonecall from KW. When I get back from work I will post the relevant parts of the email that confirm the following: 1) To keep production costs down on Volvo orders (as they are very infrequent 2-3%) they bundle Sachs shocks into the Kits. 2) These are completely OEM standard, not revalved, not re-engineered. 100% Stock. Like your regular 850 tdi, glt. 3) They will change their website's description which is misleading. So this "naive cross-ponder" will take his "cynicism" and get some Konis and his money back. If you think this is OK - cool. I'd be pissed for that dollar. In summary: Weitec = Stock shocks + lowering springs. Improve your handling for much less dollar at your OEM parts store. ;)
  9. I have heard from KW regarding this; before I comment further I will await until 11am Monday for their response to my communications.
  10. I'm expecting these parts in not this weekend but the next, so I'll post what I think that following week. I want to hear what Weitec have to say too, but I tried a GB with them a while back and offered them a pile of cold, hard cash and they didn't get back to me so... now I am was a paid up customer I'm not expecting too much - customer service ain't too hot. Chalk up another reason to miss the Weitecs :rolleyes:
  11. That's true. But Koni would have the decency to remove the OEM sticker and spray it a different colour. And if Koni mess up, guess what - they're being sent back too. The power is with the consumer, never forget that.
  12. LOL excellent relply greg I like it. We shall see if it is a scam or not, I'm sure I'll tell you if it is But one thing is for sure, with the FSDs I'm getting a bespoke product and springs designed for it; "Financial transparency" - I can see where my money has been spent.
  13. OK I rang Weitec in Germany today at 9am for an explanation. The guy was too busy to give me an answer on the phone, and said he'd email me. It's 6pm here, 7 in Germany and their phone line is now on answerphone. So I've given Weitec a whole working day to respond to this question and fight for their reputation with the 700+ people who have already read this thread, and they didn't bother getting back to me. My vendor is amazed too; Koni FSD and Eibachs are coming instead. PS I've got this really cool Martin Ultra Kit for $1000. It's a carefully matched spring and shock combo and really is the business. Any takers? :)
  14. Let's keep this on topic. There are personal/ignorant comments on either side, and none from me who started this thread. The issue here is Weitec.
  15. They are in my case. They're on that picture, check for yourself. So it's a bit odd, no?