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  1. What are you going to do when your Nivomats are toast?? Those things are expensive but I'm still tempted to buy them as they came with my car originally. Yeah, I live near Chicago. So, inclement weather can be a problem which is also weighing on my decision.
  2. Okay. This leads me to my next question. If I were to go with the aftermarket spring set, would it make it too low for all season driving as well as hurt the ride? Keep in mind .. I did purchase this car as a family wagon. Granted it's a 145-150mph family wagon. But it's still used as a family wagon that my wife will mostly drive. She's is all for modding the car some (she's a car nut too) but it still has to be practical. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for your help. I think I do have the original struts up front though they don't seem bad yet. But with 103,000 miles I'm sure they are near the end. So maybe a full suspension swap may be a good idea. However, I think my rear shocks are still good so I may not need to swap them out yet. We'll see.
  4. Where's the best place to get the whole package? It sounds tempting.
  5. I guess I will lean towards the (non-nivo) stock springs. It's probably the best bet. Though I'm tempted to go with Eibachs front and back to give the car a more aggressive look. I'm just glad I have more options than to just go back to the Nivos. Thanks for the help guys.
  6. Thanks again for the help. Anybody else have any suggestions??
  7. Overload springs? I thought about that. I've called IPD asking them about that and they said that those springs may make the ride harsher. I think the ride is harsh enough. Besides, it's not like I'm going to haul around 500 lbs. I just basically need the car to be at the stock ride height. I may entertain springs that may lower it some from the stock height. I just don't like the way it is sitting now. It's sagging too much now because of the bad spring/shock combo I have. However, the overload springs is an option which I'm still considering. Do you or anyone else use overload springs? If so, How's the ride/handling?? Thanks to the fellow wagon NooB.
  8. I've actually called and talked with someone at He said my only choice was to go back to the Nivomats. I'm not sure if the person I've talked with was typical but he didn't seem to know what he was talking about. I seemed to know more about my car, in which I've only owned for (2) weeks, than he ("the expert") did. Are the aftermarket Eibach's lowering springs? Or will they maintain the stock height? Because I'm leaning towards those. I know they make good performance springs but because I will be taking trips with the car and loading it with stuff, I would prefer to keep the stock ride height. Thanks guys.
  9. The rear Bilsteins are black. So, I assume they are the touring kind. I believe the front is stock. I know the struts are at least black. If I were to use aftermarket springs ... will it level the car out? Because right now the rear is sagging because the stock springs, which are designed for the Nivos, are on the soft side. I read somewhere (perhaps here) that the Nivos take most of the load. Also, will the aftermarket springs impove the ride and handling?? Where is a good place to get them? I looked at IPD and they just have lowering springs.
  10. Hello. I'm new to the Volvo world. I've recently purchased a 1996 850 Platinum Turbo Wagon (see pic). I feel that the car is sitting low in the rear. After inspection of the rear shocks it seems that the previous owner swapped out the original self leveling Nivomats with Bilstien shocks without apparently changing the stock springs with aftermarket wagon specific springs. Now, I have a decision to make. And my question is what would give the car a better ride with decent handling characteristics? Should I put the original (expensive) Nivos back in or should I get some aftermarket springs? If so .. Which springs? Of if I should go with the Nivos ... Where could I get a set at a reasonable price? They are hard to find online. Or do I have any other options??? Please help from other wagon owners out there who has or had the self leveling Nivomats. I'm having a hard time finding options out there regarding this. Thanks in advance.