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  1. QUOTE (Plan_B @ May 29 2008, 02:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Since you forgot: you wouldn't like me because i'm asian sad.gif aren't you korean or something!? love ur own kind...we are classier than the crackers oK i'm hot tho i swear. a waitress GAVE me her number last night when i was wasted and spitting moderate game lol! oh and i have a nice jaw. HA! anyways yeah! lol dude so unnecessary...but yeah, there you go, world...
  2. zomg. i'm not being defensive! man, too much gay talk for a day, i need to ask my boss for something productive to do. i'll stop defending you and those you <3 from now on <_<
  3. QUOTE (Plan_B @ May 29 2008, 02:39 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So your gay?, kinda figured that when you sent me your picture..........but like I said before I am not into Asians :lol: And yeah, most homo's don't think Reid is hot either so I am glad you don't share in my taste haha well i forgot why i sent you my picture..i think it was to prove some sort of point but at this point in my life i'm def not gay. i may be liberal and supportive of people, but boobies definitely hit the spot. so if i'm trying to support the idea of people accepting gay people i get accused of being gay
  4. QUOTE (Plan_B @ May 29 2008, 02:33 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Asians are more annoying then homo's heh...are you more annoyed about being asian or being homosex!? if i were gay, i'd def not share your taste.
  5. heh...well humans in large groups often act primitive and monkey-like if you ask me... not sure who that is, but you're like the new homophobic white guy B)
  6. And if we're talking about what's socially acceptable, i'd much rather have a gay guy hit on me than have my car rubbed by a straight man's nuts.
  7. Arguments that assume that humanity's measure of morality is based strictly on western and Biblical thoughts has no foundation. You can't go telling an athiest or Buddhist that homosexuality is evil because someone decided to write down that the world originated from some dude and a chick with fig leaves and a fruit. I mean, c'mon, Genesis? Don't be trying to force Christianity and the Bible on me as you talk about gays being an annoying subculture...
  8. I wonder what sort of "core" you think we are straying from...things in the world sure don't seem to be any more clear cut one, 10, to a thousand years ago from today. If you can't be supportive, as long as you are tolerant--I think that's all that people ask of others in this world. Strangely, my morning began with a department meeting to discuss a team member who has decided to come out about being transgender; and all s/he ultimately asked for is for those who cannot support him to be tolerant of him/her. You can hold any opinion you want, really, as long as you don't put on a white rob
  9. "I believe in God so homosexuality shouldn't exist. The homo culture annoys me...It's not the homos, it's their culture. But I don't mind my gay friends--I don't mind my friends." Confused much? I can at least appreciate Erik's contributions because he employs objective reasoning to explain his opinions.
  10. I'm going to chirp my tires and drive like an idiot until hydrocarbons aren't available freely or i can afford a tesla.
  11. touche, but at least there aren't pictures of it on the interweb
  12. i dont think i could drive my car knowing that someone plastered their ball sweat all over it
  13. #1 minus the "Can you keep up?" #8 minus the "Respect the Flag." decent poster except the cheeselog headliner.