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  1. QUOTE (Plan_B @ May 29 2008, 02:50 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    Since you forgot:

    you wouldn't like me because i'm asian sad.gif aren't you korean or something!? love ur own kind...we are classier than the crackers oK

    i'm hot tho i swear. a waitress GAVE me her number last night when i was wasted and spitting moderate game lol!

    oh and i have a nice jaw. HA!

    anyways yeah!

    lol dude so unnecessary...but yeah, there you go, world...

  2. QUOTE (Plan_B @ May 29 2008, 02:39 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
    So your gay?, kinda figured that when you sent me your picture..........but like I said before I am not into Asians :lol: :lol:

    And yeah, most homo's don't think Reid is hot either :( so I am glad you don't share in my taste :rolleyes:

    haha well i forgot why i sent you my picture..i think it was to prove some sort of point

    but at this point in my life i'm def not gay. :rolleyes: i may be liberal and supportive of people, but boobies definitely hit the spot.

    so if i'm trying to support the idea of people accepting gay people i get accused of being gay!? maybe that's why people become homophobic

  3. Buddist and no other religon belive in homosexualty as correct .

    Only incompetent athiest do since there so retarded that they think we came from monkeys :lol:

    yes some do here look like close relatives but come one how daft and dumb to do you have to belive there is no one being who created everything :lol:

    heh...well humans in large groups often act primitive and monkey-like if you ask me...

    who said I was trying to force anything on you... haha you are the new 850T5 :D

    not sure who that is, but you're like the new homophobic white guy B)

  4. Arguments that assume that humanity's measure of morality is based strictly on western and Biblical thoughts has no foundation.

    You can't go telling an athiest or Buddhist that homosexuality is evil because someone decided to write down that the world originated from some dude and a chick with fig leaves and a fruit.

    I mean, c'mon, Genesis?

    Don't be trying to force Christianity and the Bible on me as you talk about gays being an annoying subculture...

  5. :monkey::monkey::monkey:

    Thats all else I am adding since I dont need to add any more but my view is even much more stricter then daves.

    To to put it simply the more we let slide the worse humanity gets. The farther away we get from a certian item the crappy the world gets.

    If you cant see that as a simple fact well ..................

    I wonder what sort of "core" you think we are straying from...things in the world sure don't seem to be any more clear cut one, 10, to a thousand years ago from today.

    If you can't be supportive, as long as you are tolerant--I think that's all that people ask of others in this world.

    Strangely, my morning began with a department meeting to discuss a team member who has decided to come out about being transgender; and all s/he ultimately asked for is for those who cannot support him to be tolerant of him/her.

    You can hold any opinion you want, really, as long as you don't put on a white robe and dunce cap to enforce your viewpoints...

  6. "I believe in God so homosexuality shouldn't exist. The homo culture annoys me...It's not the homos, it's their culture. But I don't mind my gay friends--I don't mind my friends."

    Confused much?

    I can at least appreciate Erik's contributions because he employs objective reasoning to explain his opinions.

  7. I'm not sure how this discussion dissolved into name-calling, but i'll post an opinion anyways...


    Most of them own their own businesses (and pay all the various taxes associated with them (business, payroll, property)), support our infrastructure (building roads, houses, working blue collar and service industry jobs) have unbelievable work ethic....

    Lets not let common stereotypes get in the way of rational thought. We rely on this diversity to form an economic base, but then blame "immigrants" and "minorities" for societies ills?

    Why are we not focused on educating and assimilating groups into mainstream society? Why have these groups predominately stuck to their own?

    CA and TX will have a majority of their population become Hispanic by the year 2050.

    We should be more concentrated on building bridges, not walls.

    I agree with all of what has been put forth by el director.

    Additionally, i'd like to note that the successful assimilation of immigrants into American language and culture may be an effective method in reducing racially motivated hate crimes as well. Specifically, it seems that a lot of 'hate crimes' are committed by bigotry which is caused by human ignorance. Ignorance, moreover, is often a catalyst for fear--and fear, finally, is often a cause for violent and unpredictable behaviour. Ultimately, with language barriers nullified--or at least vastly decreased--it may be possible to decrease crime and violence.

    And crime and violence is something that we can ALL do without...American citizen, permanent resident, legal immigrant, illegal immigrant, etc. all alike.

  8. Wow, they have you drunk on tha punch. I worked for coca cola and I didn't realize I was drunk on tha punch until I passed a mirror on the way to bathroom one morning, yeah they were coca cola boxers. I haven't looked back since. When you work for a company they will sing you the BS lines long enough until you start humming the same song in your head.

    Listen real real close and you'll hear the world’s tiniest violin, playing for Chevron.

    Just bustin your bizzalls though ;) , you have a point but we all need to realize that these facts are mostly brought to us by people or companies that have an interest in the subject. How about a third party? Can I get a third party? No press, no government, no company how about a non-profit individually funded third party investigation on the practices of all involved. <_<

    Haha, you're absolutely right. They have brainwashed me fairly effectively over here. I realize it, but I can't really avoid it. I have to belong to something post-fraternity and college days.

    The teeny violin is going to stay tiny for a while, though. I'd say that I'm safe for another three decades at least.

    pull up to station

    put in credit card

    select grade

    fill up car


    its that simple

    That's cool, you should write a children's book.

    I think the rest of us are discussing the economics behind step 2...and how the cc is paid for.

  9. ExxonMobil is small beans next to state owned energy companies in Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Russia, Venezeula ........

    You're basically right. Saudi Arabia owns about 22% of the entire world's crude oil supply. Surprisingly to many, however, CANADA actually holds the 2nd most quantity of reserves at 15%; this is primarily due to the sandy nature of the oil, which was basically un-extractable until recent years. We know have the technology to effectively separate the sand from the oil in the geographic--see Athabasca tar sand deposits.

    But yeah...Saudi Aramco owns about 250B BOE in reserves while ExxonMobil owns about 40B BOE...

    This topic is entirely too complex for a forum!

  10. Back to Oil Prices, these are known facts so let's get real and not be naive:

    1. Manipulation of supply and demand by the oil companies to intentionally create false shortages to drive up prices has been happening for quite some time and is no secret.

    2. Do you think they all merged to be more competitive to keep prices low or create some sort of monopoly where there is less competition to further give them the ability to drive up prices.

    3. Do you think they were talking about keeping oil prices low for the American people during the closed meetings with Vice President Dick Cheney or more along the lines of profits and how much our Government is willing to let such a special interest get away with.

    Last, let me make it clear.

    THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH LEGITIMATE PROFITS, however I have a big problem with them when they claim business is tough and they continue to make record breaking profits and guess what? Our Government gives the oil companies billions for research when they should be using some of their record breaking profits!

    Who complained that "business is tough"?

    I work for Chevron Corporation in Bakersfield, CA, where we extract about 215,000 barrels of crude per day.

    It seems easy for people to target oil companies when the price at the pump goes up, but a lot of the supply holding isn't within our jurisdiction. There is a lot of nationalization and government vs. corporation feuding going on that affects our ability to discover and extract assets. Read about Nigeria and Venezuala.

    Also, the margins from the downstream market are incredibly slim: after subtracting the wholesale cost of fuel, the operating costs of the station, government taxes, and dealer margins, oil companies are hardly making a cent/gallon at the pump. And the operating costs of our enhanced/improved recovery methods in the upstream market are immense--steam heating to decrease viscosity, wells, appraisal wells, deep sea drilling, etc.

    You should also be aware that some oil corporations invest a lot of resources in alternative energy. For instance, CVX invested about $5B USD in alternative energy solutions in the past few years--geothermal, liquid natural gas (to vastly decrease transportation costs), etc. But it is true that certain oil companies, such as ExxonMobil, do not invest a single cent into alternative energy. It's a complicated industry, as you can imagine.

    I think all that el director is asking of you is for you to make legitimately substantiated comments, rather than black and white claims.

    BTW, my gas discount is pathetic--think cents per gallon.

    AND I spend about $450/month on gas commuting up and down California.