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  1. Motorcycle Picture Thread

    Superduke... 10 years off... not trying to go crazy. There's also the 390 Duke, which if it's gonna spend most of it's time in the city might be nice to have such a light nimble bike. FZ1 arguably isn't a true liter bike, despite being 1L. That term is usually for the supersports. FZ1 is more mannered because that's the goal of a bike like that. Still plenty of power but doesn't need to break magazine records at the expense of day to day usage.
  2. Motorcycle Picture Thread

    If I lived in the city, I'd totally have a scooter. No good pictures but 2 weeks ago I did another trail riding event. Kinda like a road rally through the woods I guess. VT on Saturday, back to camp, then NH on Sunday. They arrow the route so you just follow them, and the freshly churned dirt. As soon as you hit the woods, you can go your 100%. No one else around to bother besides other people doing the same thing. I think that's what I like about it most. And because they've plotted it out, you don't even have to figure out a trail route that makes sense.
  3. 850 Starter

    Ah, I was pretty off base on that one. Maybe I rounded the bolt head then? Been a while since I've had one out. My bad. Glad it went easy. I kinda like the clips once I got used to them and learned to trust them. Don't think you should need additional holders if they're still in proper shape and installed correctly. Non-supporting members get a word censor applied. It's a carry over from many years ago when the forum banned bad words entirely. It's sometimes funny so I don't think there's a hurry to remove it. There's a few easter-eggs in the list of words that get filtered too.
  4. Useful Threads for Repairs links?

    Hm - it appears Bay13's original post's links have all been replaced to point back to the thread. I'm guessing this is a bug in attempting to update links when performing an update to the forum which changes the format of URL's. Che's links in the second post all seem to work.
  5. 850 Starter

    Another tip is to have some papertowels or thin rags handy, and a rubber band. Wrap them around the mouth of the line after it drains, as it'll still drip more. I always found the clips a little funky to learn how to best work with them. I've re-used them. Just bend them a little tighter before re-installing. PBBlaster the mounting bolts ASAP.. If I remember right, the bolt on either side of the radiator threads down in to a welded nut on the body. The lower half of the bolt is exposed and rusts up bad. Plus road grime. This makes it difficult to thread back through the welded nut, causing the nut to break off. Once that happens, it's a real pain in the ass. If you feel it starting to stiffen up when backing out, torque it back in, then out until it gets stiff again. Repeat. What is leaking? Where the plastic endtank meets the core?
  6. 850 Starter

    I didn't think there were any parts available for the starter. The starter and solenoid are effectively non-serviceable. Salvage yard, FCPEuro, or local parts chain. It isn't a very difficult item to replace. Inspect flywheel teeth as you remove it. Taking the radiator fan out will give plenty of room and is easy to remove. If you're really looking to keep costs down, I'd suspect it might be possible to get a little more life out of this unit by removing it, and spraying the inside with PBblaster/WD40, and then maybe some additional lubricant after that might stick around a little longer.
  7. Off Topic: The Thread

  8. Bike Pics!

    Tubeliss are filled with liquid latex that will plug up small punctures. You're really only in trouble if you get like a cactus needle or if you peel the tire back from the inside of the rim on an aggressive turn or landing.
  9. Off Topic: The Thread

    The last experience I had with a cam sensor was removing mine during a head swap, putting it back in, and finding the car wouldn't start. It threw a code. I hit the body of it with a wrench and it worked after that for several years Thanks for the suggestion, I'll probably order a spare and keep it in the trunk. I'm kinda curious how long I can get original parts to last. And because it's gonna be a trunk spare, it's probably going to be an ebay special.
  10. Off Topic: The Thread

    Maybe - didn't seem like it based on filling up after. Took 16.5g, I had added maybe 1 gallon, 2 at most, and the tank takes at least 20 if not 21. Talking with my brother, he suggested impending crank or cam sensor failure based on past experiences. Said it won't throw a code, but will randomly refuse to start. Not really. Car was leaning slightly to the right, but not by much. This is on my S90 (M4.4 whiteblock still), for what it's worth.
  11. Bike Pics!

    Use your lungs. Assuming they're presta, just blow in to the valve and it'll inflate a bit. Not entirely necessary either. Feed the lever or your finger under the bead first to push things clear, then lever on. You still have to be fairly deliberate with a semi-inflated tube anyway so it's not much for additional effort. I did the CO2 thing for a while, but realized I like to be able to top off, or adjust pressure and a cartridge really isn't ideal for that. If I bought another Co2 tool, I'd probably look for the chucks that screw on without a bulky cage or switch assembly. Oh, like the one you have. Just noticed that. When you say no frame pump, do you mean no top-tube length pumps, or nothing on the frame at all? There are many smaller pumps which can be mounted under a bottle cage. I've used various mini hand pumps over the years and none seem tremendously different than others. I've been impressed with the quality/finish of the Lezyne pumps. I like their extension hose, partly because the clamp-on style pumps feel like the valve wiggling around is likely to induce leakage, even if that's just in my head. At one point, I believe Cannondale's pumps were rebranded Lezyne. Their current lineup reminds me of Blackburn pumps, but none of it matches their current offer.
  12. Off Topic: The Thread

    Car wouldn't start leaving a store the other day. Cranks, but doesn't sound like it's trying to catch. Peddling didn't change anything. No codes. Fuel rail presta valve would spit a little gas each time I prime the pump, confirming there's some pressure. Pump Relay swapped, then jumped just in case, fuses checked and swapped. Reseated cam sensor, ECT, and MAF plugs. Pulled battery wires and held together. None of this resulted in any change. I was low on gas, but light not on yet. Probably just before the light came on though. So I added about a gallon of gas that I coincidentally had in the trunk, waited a few minutes, turned the ignition on and off 10 times in a row, and then tried again. It worked. Weird fluke? Could it really have been out of gas? Pump weak? I filled up right after and estimating by the amount of gas it took, accounting for roughly what I'd added before, I don't think the gauge is off.
  13. bad drivers competition..

    Do you mean we agree that aggressive doesn't imply bad? I think so, and it's a little counter-intuitive. It also ties in to your latter point about 'lazy' drivers. I have a theory that because our cars and roads are all pretty good now, while we continue to tolerate many bad driving habits while still demonizing speed alone, people become bored and unengaged. The mildly aggressive (assertive?) drivers stay engaged in the act of driving, but generally don't cause any additional risk to anyone.
  14. bad drivers competition..

    Huge flaw in this is that they're using speeding tickets as an indicator of good or bad driving. Worse, they separate it from citations like running a red light. And don't tell us how they're weighting it all, unless they're saying they weight it all equally. And they should be ranking it on per-mile driven, but I don't see any indication of that. It's funny to see Providence #2 best, while Boston is #19 worst, since most people I know would have guessed the opposite. Boston has an infamous reputation nationally but most people from the area don't consider it bad, just aggressive.
  15. Nope, not withholding. I'm just saying quite often people chase a problem, checking all kinds of stuff, often going off in less common directions, only to later discover some hose had come off or had a tear that was previously difficult to see.