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  1. Ruhl98t5wag

    Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    To quiet seat backs, wrap the latch bar with a few wraps of electrical tape. Replace when necessary...
  2. Ruhl98t5wag

    2012 C30 T5M/Warning!-Fiat content!!

    Yes the descending tool kit for smoothing the casting surface. I have carbide burrs, dremel bits, and paper, just want to see a kit from someone who has labored this job efficiently. I'm going to do one this winter-Thanks
  3. Ruhl98t5wag

    2012 C30 T5M/Warning!-Fiat content!!

    Let's see the tool kit all in one place please. Thanks
  4. Ruhl98t5wag

    1998 V70 Xc From The Beginning... to the End

    Just wanted to say thank you for all the effort and generous posting over the life of your wagon, I've learned a lot. Bit of melancholy seeing the cars that are at the pinnacle of development come to an end, sort of wish there was a museum of Volvos to park a few of the great ones. It was sad to see Teeters green V70 stripped on the back lot right about the time I got into mine, that car was inspirational then, now yours is going to the crusher... Keep on posting!
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    How Your Car Sits

  8. Ruhl98t5wag

    98t5 wag

  9. Advance Auto Parts Drain plug section $2.79, also probably good to do a copper sealing washer.
  10. Soldered the ECU, easy as described, pulled SAS components, nice big hole in that corner and all the hose clutter gone. Anyone know the bung size for blocking the DP. Thanks-Phil