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  1. Another way is to unbolt the caliper but leave the line connected, then lightly depress the brake pedal until the piston(s) come out. You should still use a piece of wood in between, especially for fixed calipers. Once the pistons are out, disconnect the line and proceed with the rebuild.
  2. Depends what you mean by religion. If we use an open definition, then I guess Congress would be guilty.
  3. So what's the deal with people making comments on their own garage... seems like poor sportsmanship to me B)
  4. "Volospeed" - I like the sound of that. Well, I guess I better get some more pics of my mods
  5. caliwagon

    Project Pras

    Wow. I was wondering what was up with your car. Good to know Trius is a legit guy too. I have yet to find a reputable body shop--they are very rare here in socal.
  6. So there were 923 different IPs from LA? Wow. I assume this includes guests as well as members?
  7. Hope the NIRA works out for you. Are you planning on driving anywhere on the base map? I just talked with a guy running a 1.8T (B4 Audi) on NIRA--it's a track car. The base map would start the car and that's it. Wouldn't drive. Now he has 350 awhp though, and a stock bottom end (easily good to 400bhp, I hear)
  8. I wish I paid $2.70! Last night I filled up the Civic with regular @ $3.29 per gallon. Welcome to California.
  9. b4_ford had a good point about the classified section being an initial draw for this forum. It was for me. I had bought an 850 and knew I had to come here for used parts. It's that way for a lot of forums. If the auctions section will soon have regular classifieds, let's make them as accessible as possible, for the sake of new members.
  10. che moderator I am being serious, and not trying to butter anybody up. I think Chuck really knows his stuff and has obviously worked harder to keep VS helpful than anyone else. Even if you lose this contest, I at least promise to buy you a beer if we ever meet!
  11. How does VS now compare with VS six months ago? Well, it has been just about 6 months since I joined, and I haven't left yet. I'm on my third Volvo now, and my third Volvo forum. VS has been a great asset and encouragement--a great place to give and receive mechanical advice, cosmetic ideas, etc... Sure, you can buy a Haynes to learn to change your brake pads, but not how to install a boost gauge, or something like that. On the other hand, I've been very disappointed (more lately than ever) with immaturity around here. Granted, a lot of VS members are in High School, or early college. That's fine (heck, I'm only 24), but this is not I could really do without all the gay jokes and random other junk posts and threads. Apparently people are 1) so addicted to VS and 2) have no life, that they feel the need to post their junk here. Myspace is ready and waiting for you. It's fine that we have an Off-Topic forum, but why does it seem that everytime I click "view new posts" I get a majority of threads that have nothing to do with Volvos? I see that as a major reason why VS will remain limited in building interest in the Volvo brand or attracting members of other forums, or even building a stronger funding base. It also seems to be part of the reason why a number of the more mature, very knowledgeable guys don't post around here anymore. It's sad to me that when I do a search, I come up with lots of expert posts, but so much of the stuff showing up now is just junk. Sorry for the rant--if you read this far what I've said probably doesn't even apply to you anyway!