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  1. Ford Lost Money But You Deserve A Bonus

    let me put it this way.. how much do you guys spend on performance parts to make your car work better and quicker. And sometimes it doesnt work the way you want it to work.. and the money still is spent. Not try to figure out that in a car thats worth billions. so whats 27 mill? a small percentage. Whoever has the job has the problem of changing decades of bad quality and product. Thats why we all buy volvos.... well older models.. cuz im not buying into ford no matter how much they say they are going to keep volvo independant!
  2. Directions For Volvospeed

    Thanks for some mature and positive feedback on this ! I understand that many choose not to join.. but for a new direction.. why not find a way to encourage new blood to join and maintain existing membership . I dont have the answer for you at this point..but why not get a group of people together and bang something out that would help? Im sure many of us understand that we can only get something out of this site if we put something back into it... well besides errr attitude :)
  3. Directions For Volvospeed

    Well i can see that was a complete waste of my time .. oh well Live and learn!
  4. Directions For Volvospeed

    Ive been a fan of the site for about a year now. So perhaps i can add my point of view. I have read this complete thread.. and perhaps this summarizes my thoughts. I belong to several sites and I can recall a number of times where immature attitudes and derogatory comments to other people trying to get answers made me wonder why i participate here. I enjoy the knowledge and experience we all bring to the table.. particularly Three Fat Tigers who has helped me a number of times on situations. Any organization's success is based on its people.. not only the moderators and organizers of this site.. but the ones who post here. Yes i can hear people saying "get real" but honestly.. ive had a number of members who come to this site and admit that they would rather lurk in the background than participate because of certain attitudes which exist here. It is my belief if you want this to grow then you have to make it easier for people to participate then you have to encourage it and .. moderators need to take a serious look about the quality of the comments. Im for free speech but a site like this should be encouraging participation instead of making newbies feel like their idiots. we should leave our attitudes behind. What i dont understand is .. we all learned from our mistakes and others... so why with the attitude now that when someone accumulates gives them the right to put someone else down or consider they are stupid for not knowing it? I dont think that this is prevalent everywhere here..but you know the bad electronic apple can cause serious damage to the rest. Perhaps if we all participate by adding more .. how to fix _____ to the sections we can as a group move to more worthwhile postings. I would love to see more information or contribute more information .. almost building a dynamic section from everything from painting to engine repair. Your online manual. I also am a bit lost when it comes to meets and other volvo events which will help me build bonds with other volvo enthusiasts. I know that you most likely have that..but still i find it difficult to navigate though the site that way.. and i dont think im computer challenged. It should be more user friendly.. but i dont have the internet savy to know how that would be accomplished. I would like to see more events and get togethers which will naturally encourage participation for those who want to. Sometimes we forget that electronic forums lack the personal connections which can only be made by live meetings. In summary i want to ensure the organizers that i find the site valuable.. but like even volvo 240's... no matter how much we love them.. we need to move on to the modern world.. and embrace change.