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  1. Progress and progress pics are always a good thing.
  2. Kinda just glanced over this but the intake is covered in oil because of that split hose. That is the return for the PCV and the majority of the oil goes through there.
  3. Not sure if the SAS is a problem yet (never much of a problem just a CEL and a ton of noise) If you are working on this car consistently then get rid of the SAS pump It is a cheap fix. Love the saffrons. Alain(Burn-E) has a great example of a very clean one. Keep us updated and post questions as you go along.
  4. Love that 245! Some good cars popping up in this thread.
  5. One simple question: Carlisle? As in will you/it make it...
  6. Nice rad! As for the intercooler... time to up the ante and go for an EVO X look!
  7. scandalo


  8. She doesn't have the leaks!

  9. Lol thanks for being his proxy man! Hope he gets his power back soon!
  10. Have you had it out and at high boost yet? Should net you a good gain but I am curious about throttle response and lag time.
  11. See what I mean? We gotta deal with this now...
  12. It sucks that you had to leave so soon after getting T5. As Craig said we have a bad sedan to wagon ratio here with the MWC. But you gotta get paid... Hope California treats you well and you find some cool Volvo people to share your time with. And buy some damn wheels. Edit: oh and you don't have an input shaft bearing. Might be your throwout? Talk about that later...
  13. RTV and legal pad ftw. I'm trying to get Lucas to do a custom DP. Maybe get a bigger turbo first...
  14. Nevermind I totally missed this thread. Been dealing with my RMS so I have not wanting to look at Volvos when I get home :lo: Not too bad.
  15. :lol: It's funny how you and I have come full circle mate. I stole ideas from you and now you from me. Cheers is in order. I know with the lip you are kinda going for a grey skirt all around but I would be interested to see how the lip would look pained. Maybe get another one and shoot it 426? I think I'm a little lower than you (maybe because I don't have 18s ATM) so I doubt I would rock that look. I may change my mind if I saw it painted. How hard was it to find the tails? I haven't seen any for a while. Probably because they weren't as popular as the headlights? They don't look as bad as I would have thought.
  16. 15x10 steelies. Get on it!

  17. They look good! Not a whole lot different then the pegs \ Did you do a weight comparison?
  18. She's got the leaks

  19. She's got the creaks

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