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  1. Been putting miles on the road bike again, but my heart's not into it. Tuesday/Thursday I ride with 3 other people at 5:30 am. Same route, every damn week. It gets beyond mind numbing but they're set on the routes and won't change them for the world. I'd rather spare an hour during the day to do hill repeats than ride the same roads every time.

    Getting a little tired of the roadie "holier than thou"mentality, so goal is to ride my Salsa more often this year.

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  2. How long are you back in OH for Lucas ? Just the holidays ?

    Looks good Val. I would suggest starting small on the paint. I do some paint (I did panels on my 59 VW and then decided to have the whole thing painted in its original color locally) and yes prep is everything but a clean, large space with good ventilation is essential. 

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  3. 26 minutes ago, gmsgltr said:

    stunning - more pics anywhere else?

    I have some on IG but there aren't many pics of it in general. Took it to Cars and Coffee this weekend, I'll post what they show on FB later if I can find them. The dual Webers drew quite a bit of interest. 


    I'll take decent pictures once it's lowered properly and finished (buffed and all bright work back on)

  4. Not today specifically but within the past 30 days: DS axle (not really sure what happened there, may have been some issues with a prior axle install), fuel pump and sending unit and clutch. Also replaced the 4C delete resistors, since the AZ summers aren't kind to them in the engine bay.

    Doing clutch, 2 motor mounts, front brake lines (yaayy NY winters...), pads and rotors up front and re-sealing my angle gear. Collar on AG is also getting replaced. 

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  5. On 8/20/2016 at 8:07 AM, Burn-E said:

    iPhone 6S.  I've decided I'm moving to Garmin, just need to find a decent used one.

    I noticed that the phone is giving straights across a lake or other such nonsense.

    Are you prepping for a race Matt?

    Not one in particular but racing season starts early in AZ. I will jump in a few MTB races this Fall to maintain fitness and will do another training block similar to my current one after Thanksgiving. Should get me ready for the early January road races. I may also head to SC and do some of the Hincapie races there. 

    Main reason behind current training is that I was getting bored with some of the routes and rides so I thought I would increase intensity.