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  1. Wow! What kind of phone are you using, out of curiosity ? Strava on the phone will cut corners, literally run a straight line through a corner. I've switched to a Garmin, it's an older model (705) and weighs almost as much as the bike itself but it is dead accurate. Garmins are cheap if you can pick one up used. And thanks for the follow on Strava, the next 5 weeks should have some choice words to describe my rides!
  2. Random man stopped me in the wagon yesterday to tell me it looked great. Said it was the best "sleeper bike hauler" he'd seen. Thanks random dude!
  3. I thought he finished and was a high end masseuse/male hooker ?
  4. Let's just hope it's not pointing at his junk.
  5. Oh boy..... Cannot wait for the shaky footage and accidental selfies as you try to figure it out.
  6. Did they close off roads for the ride ? Any issue with cars, riders crashing, etc... ? Nice event.
  7. Different ways of celebrating.....
  8. Degreased/washed the engine bay. Between prior oil leaks and desert sand, it needed it. All better now.
  9. And just like that, we are back on topic.
  10. To be fair, there't not much that you like. Bought a Colnago Dream (58 cm) 2 days ago on a whim. We'll see if I keep it or not.
  11. Drop that stem and get your bars set up probably, you're riding a bike, not reading a book in a chair! Looks good! I recommend Speedplays since you can clip in from either side, the cleats are large and make it easy to clip in and out. Shoes: any good entry level Mavics or Shimano shoes are good for the money. If you're feeling rich, go buy some Sidi shoes with carbon soles. They'll last you years and will add bling to your rides. Side note, I had the precursor to your bike (I actually still have it), they're prone to cracking at the joints. I can send you pics of mine but basically, watch the areas where tubes meet. They're considered normal by Trek but they can be scary. I shelfed my bike after the second repair and re-spray from Calfee and switched to my current Scott. Still ride the Trek with the kids but the cracks get noticed by people (it's painted white which makes them even more obvious)
  12. Giant's fine. And I'd grab whatever your cousin can get you through the LBS since it will make any future issue a breeze to resolve.
  13. Some had the M66 in Europe but I don't think any of the V8 versions offered a manual gearbox. And with the engine sitting the way it sits, it's not as simple as using a T5 mated to an adapter.
  14. It took some convincing (even though it was a simple trade) since my wife wasn't interested in changing cars. But she admitted last week that she loves it and enjoys driving it. She missed her 05 and this is a nice step up.
  15. Wife's but same difference. 09 XC90 R Design with V8. Local AZ car, dealer maintained since day 1, 2 owners. Not a ding or a scratch on it anywhere. Got sick of Honda's ways and the crappy Pilot, this is much better.
  16. Find a warehouse with a bathroom and a space to cook/eat and you're set. I sold a car to a guy in the Atlanta area 6-7 years ago and he had some crazy nice cars in a warehouse with a small plane he owned. Didn't own a house or any other property, just space for cars and planes. Shockingly, he wasn't single.
  17. Agreed. I would not call a brand that pre-sells 276K cars in 72 hours a fad. Like it or not, they're here to stay and have introduced some amazing technology (software upgrades over the air, superchargers, etc...) If nothing else, the fact that they're doing away with the traditional dealer approach should be reason enough to stick around.
  18. I like the drop on that bike
  19. I've been steadily using a supply of Energy Suspension bushings. I bought a tub from a local speed shop in KY years ago. But Speedway Motors sells similar set ups. If you end up using Speedway, use the promo code SORRY at check out to get $10 off.
  20. Get poly bushings with a copper/metal sleeve in them and you'll be set. It's what I do on radiator when I put an aftermarket unit on an old car.