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  1. That sucks... Whatever you do though, don't sell the tow vehicle, it'd just be wrong. Is this a one time expense, are you having a low membership month, or is this basically the deal, month in-month out ?
  2. Dude, neither can I... What the hell, is this how my membership money is being spent ?? Downtime ? Just kidding, don't ban me...Please....
  3. The smiley face doesn't do it for me, sorry, there's nothing funny about a newbie a$$hole posting about deaths in Iraq....
  4. Dude, come on, is this the best you could do ? They're right, just walk on out of that closet, Big Daddy, you know you want to.... <_<
  5. Thanks for all your hard work, it's great to get it (back) up (please say you got it....)
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