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  1. Carbon wheels in general are amazing. I do miss my Williams Cycling wheels and may eventually spring for a set. Doing Mt Lemmon on some carbon wheels is a blast.
  2. Sounds like you put your bed in the shop! Like it that much ? I commute 1 flight of stairs for now, soon to be commuting a little more. But even then, the R hardly has miles for being almost 13 years old. (73K)
  3. SRAM rocks for all things road (yes, including the hydraulic brakes now that they've worked out the kinks) but off-road is another story. I've had my front brake replaced under warranty on my Salsa and the rear just rebuilt last week. Shifting is fine though.
  4. I could not agree more. On my 3rd set, my only comment is that the wear can be fairly quick depending on driving style.
  5. Yeah, I miss it. Shame the guy I sold it to took such poor care of it. Last I saw it (Ebay), it was a mess.
  6. I like my rocky mounts. I'm getting ready to pull mine to paint them body color, but honestly 9 years of use they still look excellent.
  7. Took it to cars and coffee. Saw lots of really nice cars, had a few people notice the wagon. Drove home, parked it.
  8. Those floors are the bomb! We re-did ours in the house in KY and loved them. Looks really good, looking fwd to updates on this.
  9. Nice bikes. Now go break them in on a trail!
  10. From my experience, they were identical. But I haven't tried in Hungary.
  11. You'll have to excuse Travis, he doesn't know how to read well. I would buy one on Ebay. It will need to be unlocked (an owner would request it from their carrier prior to selling it) and would work overseas. I've done it before, both the unlocking and being the mule. It's a simple thing: just buy them unlocked.
  12. Because race car. I have a bucket full of AN fittings I've accumulated from Cobras and other export cars. One day I'll get around to labeling them and selling them. I'll probably pay off my mortgage that way.
  13. Yeah, very very similar. Exhaust was much louder on 850 as well, which added to the whole "full sensory experience". Wife hated the 850 at the end, it was too rough. But she likes the V70R, much more docile and manageable.
  14. $10K, man that's about 3 times more than I would ever spend on a bike.
  15. I think the 855 had a 16T when I sold it, and an ARD tune. It felt very raw, boost would come on suddenly and it definitely gave you a kick in the gut when it hit. The VR is smooth, much more linear and civil but it handles better and is far more comfortable. It also gets far less attention since it looks like most Volvo wagons out there.
  16. IPD says 422 hp at the crank. So 20% drivetrain loss, so roughly 335 hp at the wheels. Hard to know until I jump on a dyno and that's very low on the priority list.
  17. "Brisk" drive to Phoenix, brisk drive back to Tucson. Car did wonderful, it's a blast on the highway. No shakes, rattles, squeaks, just smooth as can be.
  18. Who then promptly called the cops on that creepy frat boy who kept taking pictures of her car.
  19. CJ used to have them in stock. or give him a call. Edit: CJ doesn't show them. Have you contacted Josh K ?
  20. Yes, he does and his vids are usually good and fun to watch.
  21. 5 brand new Bosch OEM spark plug coils. What a difference. Idle is smoother, acceleration is smooth and free of hesitations and it just keeps going. Kicking myself for not doing these earlier.