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  1. Endlinks were junk. Coilovers were decent for the money but rears required a rebuild, according to the new owner. But this is the same guy who burned the clutch, burned a valve and then lied to new buyers when he listed it on Ebay. So we'll stick to: great bang for the buck.
  2. It drove me crazy on the 850. Coilovers fixed that.
  3. Dramatic or loaded with dishonest people ? Her brother is serving a suspension for EPO use and that same brother + their father is serving time for stealing high end exotic birds in a pet store a year ago. She's a crook, from a family of crooks and as Wiggo and others have said: she should be banned from the sport altogether.
  4. Here is the bike, it's actually Santa Cruz and not Salsa. It's beautiful but the price tag is ugly.
  5. Have you seen the latest, greatest trend ? Mix and mtach ? I think Salsa just released a bike with a 27.5/29 mix and others have done it more or less officially as well. I counted 11 bikes in this house today, no way I'm adding more to the madness (I own/ride 3 of them)
  6. I know of at least 3 local pros who race on 29'ers. They're excellent for the terrain here. They take more work to fling in a corner but given the right rider, they're as good as a 27.5+ I've yet to see you put together an ugly bike. I love it, even the top tube mounted pump looks classy on it and I'm usually not a fan.
  7. You know it won't go any faster if it's clean, right ? Some goober told me last week that waxing my road bike was a genius idea: it would go faster by reducing drag. It makes no difference when you're doing 25-30 mph.
  8. I'm guesstimating 400 hp at the wheels.
  9. Depends on how far you want to take it, but if you're doing the timing belt and possibly valve seals, replace that rear engine pipe (assuming this one is corroded) . It's cheap insurance, mine had severe rust after just 7 years in NY.
  10. Man, I really don't miss that junk. Seeing pics of friend in KY buried in snow: yeah, no thanks.
  11. Last but not least: Greg aced it! Thanks for the wine, the beer and most of all: the certificates you made re. the manual swap thread! Thank you so much dude, you rock!
  12. Wow, doing an actual rebuild as opposed to a swap. Impressive. On topic: quick outing with the oldest kid on MTB's.
  13. Haven't gone yet, no. Barely scratching the surface in Tucson, Phoenix/Sedona/Flagstaff will be for later this year.
  14. Yes, I went through the original tires in a matter of days. Even if you make every effort to stay on the trails, you get sidewall cuts from rocks or punctures from needles. I am running some Specialized tires now. They're heavier tires but it doesn't matter, I'm not concerned about weight with this bike.
  15. It's a 2015 Salsa Spearfish 2. Aluminum, full suspension 29'er. Solid bike, it can take a lot of abuse. Up until this past June, I had sworn off MTB's but this bike and the landscape here have changed my mind. Semi on topic: raced a training crit in town last night. 4 corner crits in the dark are scary but fun.
  16. I loved that wagon. And great choice of wheels on it.
  17. It's fairly straight forward. I would not use any polishing or rubbing compound since they're too harsh. On my paint code 189 wagon (white, single stage), I did the following: -washed it -dried it thoroughly -took a clay bar to the entire car. Use lots and lots of instant detailer when using the claybar. -Meguiar's sealer (I think they call it show car Glaze now) -2 coats of paste wax. With the exception of the wax, everything was done by hand. You'll be amazed by the results, the red single stage paint on Volvos does clean up nicely.
  18. How is the paint on it ? IIRC, these were single stage and fairly easy to bring back to a nice shine.
  19. Local MTB trail (50 yr trail). And for the record: eating sh*t in the dirt > eating sh*t on the road. Barely scratched, no issue.
  20. Harsh, Greg deserves a pat on the back just the same as everyone. The screw up was not his but UPS. I can wait, I've been told my beer consumption was getting as tad too regular anyway.