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  1. Yeah, I had to unfollow him on IG after he posted some stuff that I would have never wanted to see on my feed.
  2. Hey, it's confirmation that it's working. That's great!
  3. Frank is a great guy too. Love what you're doing with this wagon, I admire your patience and thoroughness. It will be a great car once you're done.
  4. Mike just gets grumpy around his bedtime. NBD.
  5. Just you wait, just you wait......
  6. I know I haven't see snow in a few months but I think that's snow and not rain.
  7. Yesterday: washed it, parked it. I want to wetsand + polish some minor flaws in the paint and might do that Monday or Tuesday if I can find the time.
  8. FedEx and UPS are sucking donkey balls this season. FedEx has had a package of mine in NM for over 10 days now, just hanging out "in transit" with no delivery date available. 90% chance it's lost or damaged. I know it snows in CO, they know it snows in CO, it's really not hard to take that into account.
  9. Mine should be delivered no later than tomorrow.
  10. I'd rock a camo downpipe before I'd rock a woodgrain one. Just saying. Invinsible downpipe FTW. On topic, lots: gave the wagon the beans, numerous times. Fun, fun times. Loving this car on the IPD set up. Also started assembling the front end of the Amazon. Many parts were pulled to finish another car in the spring. It goes to paint as soon as it is ready to drive. (Friday ?)
  11. Shipped, tracking info sent to Pat. Because spam is fun.
  12. I love Galaxies, I have sent a lot to a client in England. Absolutely love them. Stick a 390 and a 4 speed in one and I'd be set.
  13. A wrap would be a good fix. The car doesn't see much rain and won't see snow again so it would be all benefits. I'll try to get to it soon.
  14. Cool, thanks! I love the car, but I don't think I can get away with something that big on the wagon. On topic: finished up installing the new turbo and angle gear, buttoned everything up and test drove it. Socks were not blown off on test drive but I also did not REALLY give it the beans. Will wait until I've done a few drive cycles to decide whether I like the power level.
  15. If the interwebs are to be believed: a long time. Has the hood vent made a significant difference ? I have issues with engine bay temps here in the summer and I need to install a discreet way to vent the engine bay during the warmer months.
  16. A case of Beaujolais ?! Nice! The jerrsey would be cool too but the wine would do! Patrick: rain gear for cycling. Easily found on Amazon, Nashbar or even better: your local bike shop. Kevin: a dildo. Seriously, that joke's not dead yet. Timo: a gift card to GNC Jon: weed, lots of it. Dude needs to chill. Erik: I gave him a book on traveling last year, I think. I dunno, dude has it all. Cool job, smart and attractive wife, healthy kid, fast cars, etc.... AJ: hiking stuff, outdoor gear Adam: pizza Greg: detailing supplies. Mike: BMW swag (go fast par
  17. Not seeing it, at all. Wagons are wagons, all look kinda the same.
  18. That bolt that holds the water line with a torx bit ? Mine's basically gone from rust.
  19. It whines, especially when the car is not fully warmed up. I don't think it's shot, no but I suspect the rust on it will make your brother have nightmares. The water line on it has excessive rust and actually has coolant seeping out in one spot. Semi related: don't wait until your oil light comes on to top it off. Tell him to check it at every fill up, I keep a quart in the trunk and top it off as needed. I maybe use 1/2 quart every 3500 miles, depending on driving style. Waiting until your engine is 2 quarts low is asking for trouble.
  20. You can't blame him for being a grump if this is the crap he gets from everyone else. I'm actually surprised you didn't have one. Dogs are weird when they're scared and lash out. (our 3 yr old was attacked by a dog over thanksgiving) Sweetest dog but he was scared of kids.
  21. There's a reason he a trademarked my 'angry and bitter" comment. As to why ? WTF knows.