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  1. That was a big factor, yes. I also trust iPD's reputation and after some shitty tuning by Lucky (after he created ARD), I wanted to keep it safe and go with an established company. The wagon is still a daily (even if it can go 2-4 days without being driven) and I wanted something that could bolt on, make it fun and then be removed easily if I decided to sell the wagon. Yeah, it's silly money for a bit more HP. But I sold the R5 for even sillier money and wanted to do something a little out of the norm for the one car I'll keep a while.
  2. You handle criticism so gracefully Jon.
  3. I gave up all measures of data, with only the Strava app to keep up with distances and routes. I actually ride better without all that stuff. But any modern day coach will require some sort of power measure to tailor your training to your goals. I
  4. iPD's 4T4, yes. Doing the whole thing: injectors, turbo, piping and tune. I've had it since I sold my R5 and will finally block off a few days to cuss the car out next week.
  5. The exact same thing. I have to do mine next week when I finally do the turbo swap on the wagon. Dreading it. Even with most of those bolts soaking and having been removed recently, I know stuff will break and make the swap a living hell.
  6. Yeah, clydesdales are known to put down amazing power.
  7. Easiest one ever, this is like shooting fish in a barrel!
  8. So true! On topic: pulled bent cross member/subframe on the Amazon and prepped new one. Need a few quick things so install will have to wait a few days.
  9. LOL, Iron Monkey must be related to Chuck Norris
  10. Nice thread, cool car! Nice to see back at it Hussein, I was worried that the Xr had turned you off modding for a while.
  11. Woah, woah, woah, leave the Raptor out of this please! By far my dream truck, bar none.
  12. LOL at the responses. Let's all pile on Kevin and then drag poor Alain into this. I thought picking on kids and the elderly was off limits, I was wrong.
  13. No, I have reverted to doing what teammates were doing in KY: wave and smile. Most drivers don't know how to react to that. I agree that agressive A-holes drivers (towards bikes) isn't a southern thing only, but I can tell you it's a lot worse there than other parts. Data points: NC, SC, FL, KY, IL, CA and AZ.
  14. Reason # 1,299,675,2234,9986,000 why I dislike the south: packing heat to ride your bike. Friend in college in NC used to pack a gun, this was 15 years ago. I was chased by a guy with a baseball bat (I dared to yell at him after he clipped me with his mirror). If you're that angry behind the wheel, you should probably stay home and take your meds. Thankfully Tucson has a large cycling community, bikes and cars get along well.
  15. I just found Jon's new screen background pic:
  16. Late summer. Couldn't pass up an opportunity to get closer to our dear Yang Bang.
  17. Definitely post the details on here, I for one will love it. Where di you guys end up ? Your neighborhood looks identical to my sister's neighborhood in Cumming. Did you get a hold of Steve yet ? Storms have ruined one of his rental units and some storage unit he had. He's not having a great week.
  18. Picked one up myself today. Amazon carries them all and I was already placing an order there. Ditching the current set up, iMIV since they truly suck at responding to emails and calls regarding updates. I'll let someone on Swedespeed take the time to chase them down.
  19. The rear camber bushings from iPD made a huge difference on my car. Went from following every rock or crack in the road to be stable and predictable. Oh, and big plus: tire wear is more even than ever.
  20. At least you got a couple of nice pictures out of it. Still riding tomorrow or did you bail for the whole weekend ?
  21. Yikes, I hope it does fix it. It would suck if it were something internal. I have the 04 V70R, I actually need to get off my lazy ass and install the iPD 4T4 turbo I have for it. I have a 65 Amazon I'm trying to finish up. B20, SU carbs and some cosmetic mods. I have a Datsun 521 pick up that will be heading to KY soon. Wife drives a Honda Pilot and hates it. Hopefully we'll get back into a small car for her ASAP, she misses her VW Golf. Moved to AZ this summer so I should be able to get into some older metal soon. We actually had a 2011 V6 Mustang with the 6 speed. That thing was tons of fun, absolutely loved it.