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  1. looked at and saw that my valentine 1 is still there and my windows are still intact
  2. 5" afco coilover sleeve with adjuster nut. one down, one too go . . . damn school
  3. haven't had internet the past couple days. 2 days ago i replaced my shot rear shocks for koni sports. WORLD of difference. and would have done my new rear brake calipers but i don't even have enough money for brake fluid :(
  4. umm . . . . yeah . . . . the owners manual is a wonderful thing
  5. sprayed a majority of the built up grease/carbon in the intake manifold/throttle body out with 2 cans of carb cleaner
  6. looked at it and wished i had the money to finish building coilovers. oh also thought about how much i don't want to park it at BNA over spring break.
  7. took off the heat shield for the exhaust manifold. recovered, leak tested, fixed and recharged A/C system. did all of this last night
  8. careful with that. your plate could cut through the zip ties and fall off on your way to ohio :(
  9. now to buy the rest of the parts to make coilovers
  10. don't think you have enough bulbs/ballasts serge:rolleyes: btw, how much do you want for 2 d2s bulbs?