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  1. Heh, I know...I was hoping to go unnoticed Did that, too. She likes my C70 better than the S70! It was the conversation that occurred much later after the Volvo ride (and partying) that led me to this iffy obligation.
  2. hhahahaha figures youud' be here to buts my fballs she'sfe goergeous though......just dunnoso bout dating
  3. zzzomg I think I made a girlefiend tonight...probbv gonna have to deal wtih somethihg tomorwo gguu
  4. I was at a "beach" house party last night. Dude filled his basement with 800lbs of sand...
  5. Argghhhh...I was looking for this thread last night, couldn't find it. Whewwww.
  6. PharmD


    Also often wondered that.
  7. In ur bunz eatin ur burgerz is absolutely hilarious
  8. If I had a 740, I'd definitely take it off your hands. Alas, I am 740-less.
  9. My uncle had a couple of the V12's. Those things were real pistols when it came to reliability...
  10. /\ That kitten looks crosseyed.
  11. In your couch, stealing your change is prob one of my favs of all time.
  12. Just when I think I've seen them all... :lol: