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  1. Hopefully less wet next year... I'm still moist.
  2. My roommate used to have one of those, stupid tiny. Nice though.
  3. No... they could both me military, but a military 30.06 wouldn't have a NATO or other headstamp to tell you that.
  4. Only one of those two could have a NATO headstamp, 30.06 was never adopted by NATO...
  5. They're only "worth" that much because of the '86 MG ban which was slipped in to an otherwise ok bill by one congressman at the last minute with no debate. It will be repealed sooner or later, they'll go back to being "just" NFA items (huge pain in the dick to transfer, tons of paperwork and special rules) and worth no more than a nice AR-15. Full auto is overrated anyway.
  6. Bernie can do it. There hasn't been an honest populist candidate in a long time and it's what almost everyone is looking for, his rallies are breaking records, he's starting to pass Hillary already just from people hearing about him. Hell, Wil Wheaton endorsed him.
  7. I just got tired of dealing with cheap cases, makes tinkering around as often as I do a pain in the ass. Figured I'd get something that's sturdy and modular. All the external panels just pop off for access and the frame underneath is bolted together rather than riveted like most cases, so it can be torn down or have individual pieces replaced as needed. I also didn't pay retail.
  8. Are some people making the comparison? Yes. But is there any candidate that doesn't get held up to him these days? I don't take it seriously, I just find it amusing, the comparison people always find something, even if it's a huge ridiculous stretch.
  9. Should fit it physically, the V8 has the same transmission as the 06-07 R's... use shifter/clutch set up from a euro S80... it could be done in theory at least.
  10. Drove it for the first time in a couple weeks... god damn I've missed my third pedal.
  11. He thinks he's "anti-gun", but he's really just 'pro-police-monopoly-on-power'
  12. Sexy coils. Going to make openings in the top cover for the wires?
  13. LPG... interesting. Have you driven it while LPG powered? How was it? I assume it was bifuel.
  14. Another white AWD S70, nice, love mine. What with the hole in the bumper? Looks too perfectly round to be damage, but why would it be cut there?
  15. The ones I've seen had VINs ending in EX, but that may be a GM thing.
  16. Preprod cars are normally never sold by the manufacturer, we had one a few still owned by GM at my school.
  17. Wasn't bad at all to install, and I don't expect it to last too long regardless of which mount I buy since it's an AWD. I may look into making a solid one at some point, til then, they're disposable.
  18. Right side engine mount from URO, Rotella T6 oil change.