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  1. ...so, are we all dead yet, or did the nation crumble because Obama is still in office? ...no? We're all still OK? Hmmm. All these republiwhiners couldn't have been crying "the sky is falling!" about Obamacare, etc. for nothing. Surely the apocalypse is near. I'll keep checking back!
  2. FYI, she did drop the case against him. She's still a Grade-A cunt though.
  3. In short...the major fear of a real sport cam is that boost will blow through the cylinderhead without ever entering the combustion cycle. But with cams as mild as the N/A cams are, this is not even a factor. You could run double the cam that the N/A is and I still wouldn't be worried about it. You'd still see power gains, not losses. Theses aren't even real "sport" cams anyway, they are simply "a little less suck" than the T5 cams. Nothing at all to worry about. Plenty of the VR6 guys on boosted engines make good results from Schrick cams that have WAY more overlap and duration than the stockers.
  4. I've read several people's posts who have done cam swaps without a cam locking tool - it's NOT required. If you're careful, the cams won't move. I'm just saying, sure it's nice to have, but you can do the job without it. PS...I'm installing N/A cams this week. Head is currently at the machine shop. :lol:
  5. If by "they," you mean an underwhelming minority of Canadians...then yes, they are! Otherwise, you really couldn't be any more wrong on the subject. According to people that actually live there, anyway. It's funny to listen to Americans that try to teach Canadians about their own system. lol. Of course, there will always be people speaking solely on behalf of their own experiences, regardless of whether or not their experience is indicative of the norm. But anyone who thinks the saving of lives should be a for-profit business is a couple IV's short of an ER. We are supposed to be the richest, most prosperous country in the nation...but we can't afford to give our citizens basic health care?! Pathetic.
  6. I really don't feel comfortable doing the cams myself on my DD when I have nothing else to drive...but the first place I called quoted me $400 to install the other set of cams. Ouch. I will call a few other shops as I still want to do this and dyno/document the results for the board, but $400 is a no go. I have to find cheaper or I can't afford it.
  7. I think I may just call one of my Volvo tech buddies and see what they would charge to swap these in. It would be cheaper than buying the tools, and cheaper than breaking something if I did it wrong.
  8. eats negative rep points like candy - OM NOM NOM NOM!!!

  9. Sigh. Leave it to me. Once I can find the data on the stock cams vs the N/A cams, and it seems worthwhile on paper...I will swap them out and then dyno like I did with the ECU tunes. Only thing is...I had other things I wanted to install soon as well, and it's going to take a lot of self control not to install other parts at the same time, as that would skew the results and render them useless. We'll see!
  10. So you're quoting a combined total of 40-60 minutes to remove cams from one car, and then also install them in another car and complete the job? Kevin...that's bitchin, thanks! ...can someone link me to the cam profiles? I found it once before but I'm having trouble finding it this time. Thanks!
  11. That's what about 40 people seem to say...even though 0 people have run that setup on a dyno to come up with before/after results... I'm not gonna spend X number of hours pulling and installing cams if I don't really know for sure what the result is!
  12. For people who have spent enough money on bolt-ons to reach the "stage" where we're swapping cams, I'm very surprised there's no before/after dyno on this subject. I would be willing to do another before/after dyno with the N/A cams. However, I'd only be able to either (1) the intake cam alone, or (2) both intake and exhaust. I couldn't compare both. Was there a specific year on the N/A engines which had a more aggressive cam profile than the others? I know in the VW 1.8/2.0L 16V engines, before a ton of cams were commonly available, a common upgrade was the Euro intake cam. But this was only a gain of 6-7hp at most. Some VW guys also used the exhaust cam as an intake cam. The other thing I noticed was that this was a very mild performance upgrade, and if there was going to be any port work at all to the head, then the Euro intake cam would have to again be replaced with something a little more aggressive: http://pweb.jps.net/~ericb/newmods.html So...anyway...does anyone have a dyno that shows JUST the difference in power from just a cam swap??? I wish there was a bigger aftermarket for the whiteblock here; VW VR6 cams can be had for $234.95 now for a pair. That would be so nice to get 10-12hp worth of cams for $230 bucks!!!