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  1. I learned how to adjust my side mirrors so I wouldn't have a blind spot, from them.
  2. Awe... So sweet. I'll bake you cookies.
  3. No shit!! I hate living in the South. But not because of my opinions on things. Lol.
  4. The med student doesn't need one... she's making it through med school... so she most likely has the dedication and perseverance to get through being a parent, while working on finishing up her degree. Sure it'll be harder, but that's what you get for "accidentally" getting knocked up, you slut. Abortion isn't birth control. Not only abort the baby, but abort the drug addict while at it. The whole "I'm trying to turn my life around, and I can't handle/afford a baby right now." excuse is BS. That baby should be the empowerment to turn her life around without failure. The real reason for her abortion would be to give herself a "reason" to fail again "I couldn't handle the guilt... wah wah wah, so I fell off the wagon, whimper whimper whimper" She doesn't want to be clean. She wants to continue doing what she's doing. The abortion debate is useless. It will always either be legal or illegal. There can't be stipulations, or exceptions and the stipulations and exceptions won't work as reasons to NOT legalize it. Someone's "Omg I was raped now I'm pg, I can't keep this baby, I just can't." is the exact same thing to someone else as their "OMG I was sooo drunk last night, had a one night stand and now I'm pg, I can't keep this baby, I just can't." (I'm not saying it's the same thing to me.) I just mean that two different people can easily feel the same way about two different reasons for feeling that way and no one can tell them one's right and one's wrong. Goodness... did that make sense? Hahaha... Probably not. But it does make sense in my head! Haha.
  5. I got lost somewhere in this post.
  6. Charlie, Charlie, Charlie, Charlie....

    Mmm, Mmm, Mmmm!

  7. Yeah it's rated. Tows just fine, launches it and pulls it out of the water perfectly too. I love my boat.
  8. is the greatest most wonderfulest absolutely the perfectest person ever to have walked the earth.

  9. Without taking her out of the picture, her family seems normal to me. Pregnant 17 y.o.? What's abnormal about that... Personally, I don't have a problem with them having "flaws" (experience).
  10. I check all the boxes. My nipples are hard.
  11. I blame the hippies. Jena for President I don't like Obama... I think he's stupid.
  12. It may be true, however, I don't believe their contributions to society make up for the lack of contribution from the rest. I also don't think the ones who are in this country legally, and are contributing should be discriminated against, but I strongly believe the rest should do their part or get out. Plain and simple. I also don't think we need to encourage or enable or accept their lack of learning the language. I'm ok with pressing 1 for english 2 for spanish... there's nothing wrong with that, imo. I don't however want to be refused a job because I don't speak spanish and can't communicate with spanish speaking customers/clients.