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  1. As uncool as it is, it is partially true. The context AudioAustin puts it in is pretty questionable, but there really hasn't been a serious domestic attempt on a candidate's life since Reagan. As for me, I'm personally a Bob Barr kind of guy but I'm also realistic. I lean McCain right now, but could still head the direction of Obama. I just get sooooo tired of hearing about the poor Americans that can't feed their families, and can't afford to go see Grandma because gas is expensive, and they're all losing their houses because the evil banks. Please. Give me a fucking break. Times are tougher than they were a couple years ago, but it's certainly not the end of the world. Gorbachev wanted "change" too. Ultimately, the shock treatment he gave the Soviet Union proved terminal. Even those who argue it was on its way out anyway ought to agree that he sped it right along! Let's hope that over-reform doesn't become an issue. Increasing Government spending in a stagflation prone economy is dangerous. Let's hope that the eventual candidate holds their weapons of social programs reform with a very gentle grip.
  2. I <3 Ron Paul. For reals too, folks.
  3. That's funny, I see a bunch of liberals defending the books written by far-left writers as sacrosanct, and backing up the facts of left-biased books with facts from other left-biased books. Being from Santa Rosa, I just think back on the conversations I heard at wine parties the neighbors had and all of the yuppie-liberalism garbage that I was exposed too there. It's about the same as the conservatives backing up their conservative biased articles with statements and facts from conservative biased pundits. I've already made my choice between yuppie-liberal garbage and white-trash backwoods conservative trash, take a look at what I call home. The "RUSH IS RIGHT" thing is an embarrassment to anybody who's "right" or "conservative" or "republican" or whatever.
  4. Howard Zinn and Noam Chomsky are excellent writers but both are VERY left-leaning in their writing. Still worth reading, just remember there's two sides to every story. You guys can argue about Sweden's system vs. the US, but each country has their own cultural demands from their government. Socialization and people's demands create government, not the other way around.