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  1. Another vote here to lose Scan-Tech as a supplier. If your manufacturer description says "Aftermarket" I will go with a different company for fear of getting a Scan Tech part. It's not the cost of the part that's the issue in this case, but the labor. Nobody wants to do a motor mount job only to have the mount fail in an unreasonably short time. I'm willing to wait a little bit longer and pay a little more to avoid getting a Scan-Tech part. I also hate it when I order a left and a right part and the brands don't match. Got a Scan Tech ball joint and something by a different manufacturer in the same order. The Scan-Tech part was a PAIN to install, the other, no problem whatsoever. IPD is still my first choice, Eeuroparts and FCP are tied for second.
  2. Trying to find a beer I like....this one's not bad.
  3. I drove my car and enjoyed it in all of its washed, waxed, rainX'ed, vacuumed and dingerectomied glory.
  4. I go through Adorama. Love the looks of the metallic paper and the prices.
  5. A load of prints mounted, I will attempt to sell the car photos tomorrow at a track day and the rest at a gallery in town. 14" wide all of them.
  6. washed, waxed, tire shined, back to black on trim/bumpers, and rainX'ed the windshield and front side windows.
  7. Finished installing 6x9s in the rear doors of my 245. Decided to remove the old rear 4" rounds from above the backrest of the bench seat and I plan on turning those holes into storage cubbys. (245s are kinda short on storage and need all the help they can get)
  8. Put summer tires/rims on and washed the car. Right now.... it's snowing.
  9. I took some pics of the car for the shotgun assignment....involved climbing about 800' of 2' deep snow to get up a really gentle incline...had to use my telephoto 300mm lens to get close enough. My feet were cold, as I was wearing slip-on clogs. hahaha, yeah, I washed mine on Sunday in the 48* sun, only to wake up on Monday to sideways snow, then rain....and the atmosphere is really dusty from the road gravel so yeah...Spokane camouflage!
  10. Changed my oil/filter. Told the self service garage attendant that I was changing my oil, he hands me a funnel, I tell him I don't need that. Attendant: Priceless.