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  1. Another vote here to lose Scan-Tech as a supplier.

    If your manufacturer description says "Aftermarket" I will go with a different company for fear of getting a Scan Tech part.

    It's not the cost of the part that's the issue in this case, but the labor. Nobody wants to do a motor mount job only to have the mount fail in an unreasonably short time.

    I'm willing to wait a little bit longer and pay a little more to avoid getting a Scan-Tech part.

    I also hate it when I order a left and a right part and the brands don't match. Got a Scan Tech ball joint and something by a different manufacturer in the same order. The Scan-Tech part was a PAIN to install, the other, no problem whatsoever.

    IPD is still my first choice, Eeuroparts and FCP are tied for second.

  2. I took some pics of the car for the shotgun assignment....involved climbing about 800' of 2' deep snow to get up a really gentle incline...had to use my telephoto 300mm lens to get close enough.

    My feet were cold, as I was wearing slip-on clogs.

    waxed the car yesterday, weather was sunny and 66

    woke up to this >photo of a downpour on car<

    hahaha, yeah, I washed mine on Sunday in the 48* sun, only to wake up on Monday to sideways snow, then rain....and the atmosphere is really dusty from the road gravel so yeah...Spokane camouflage!

  3. 3 megapixel is good enough to print up to 11x14 and will stretch across a monitor with ease. (usually monitors max out at 2 megapixel)

    and to keep the topic going:


    (self portrait of me and my gf, camera on tripod with a timer, external flash in the microwave)