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  1. The above I took with my girlfriend's Canon Rebel XT Below: Canon Powershot A570 IS ^this one taken with Canon Powershot A510 Five HDR images stitched Each image was composed of 4 bracketed shots. Regular tripod and Digital Concepts 0.5x wide angle lens and UV filter New camera and lens comes on Monday, and another new lens comes on Tuesday Gonna have: Rebel XTi + 18-55mm kit lens Canon 50mm f1.8 Sigma 10-20mm
  2. I can see the headline now: Google Acquires Volvo
  3. Just posted 3 topics on my board.
  4. Well since this is dug up anyway. Just like to you know where I stand on the issue. This is a great piece of literature, and I believe every single word. I believe in gravity, air, this desk, and God. I believe in Earth, Heaven, and Hell. I believe in the 3 laws of thermodynamics. I believe God and Science go together. I beleve in choices, it's all up to you.
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