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  1. B&g's colder plugs and wires, 3 coil packs, 180* thermo, fuel filter, pcv valve, iat sensor, zzp pcm. kyb agx struts should be here today too. i turn 21 in September too.
  2. i agree 100% 03 cobra's are monsters.
  3. thats sheer insanity. i only have a 3k credit limit, lol. i only pay about 450 for the loan on my house, but the taxes and bills of the place get me close to 1200 thats even lawn maintenance tho so there is room to trim fat and mow it myself if i need to save money. thankfully i still have a very comfortable amount of cash left over each month.
  4. haha i have a couple but i dont know how to host them!
  5. wow dave, how long have you been waiting to say that? hypocritical much?
  6. i don't know about the rest of the country but dont you love how since there is an election coming up all the republican jerks we have in office right now want to stay where they are so they're cutting us a deal on gas? such political BS. i do not trust our government as much as i should. p.s. i might not know what i'm talking about p.s. ps. FIXXfest was badass