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  1. Important Site Information

    So I should raise goal for 6/50 LOL. Right now I am just trying to figure out if I want to run mariaDb or SQL. 
  2. Important Site Information

    Thats why I want to go 10 if possible. Back up in not an issue as a continuous backup will be made to an older single drive in addition to nightly offsite via cron.  Just as an FYI name servers and everything are staying the same, but will be running as a cluster for a little while starting tomorrow. It is possible after this server goes dark that a post of two could be lost. If this happens to more than one of your posts please report it via the support / bug tracker section at the top of the page.
  3. Important Site Information

    Everything is pretty much ordered. Only thing I need to figure out is Raid 10 or swap raid 1 to 0 and just backup nightly offsite. 
  4. Important Site Information

    You rock. Thats going to be a big help. 
  5. Members Do Not Post In Correct Forum

    Changed Status to Closed
  6. Important Site Information

    DDR3 1866 ECC. Would be a huge help if you had a few sticks laying around. As an FYI. Cpan on this box was a few versions out of date. When it updates it goes one version at a time so it has basically 2 more full updates to do. While server is updating site will be slow but stable. It will restart apache when it updates PHP, but apache restart should be under a minute. So bad news. Slow site today. Good news. Any downtime should be very brief. 
  7. Important Site Information

    I have over a hundred files to upload that should help quite a bit with search speed and everything else. More ram and allowing more of it for xcache will also help a great deal for most pages. Things that cannot be cached though will really only speed up with the i/o crunch fixed. IE moving from Raid 1 to something striped like raid 10. 
  8. Important Site Information

    Sorry about the outage earlier. I was hoping to get lucky and not have to take site down, but updated to php needed an apache up-date and restart. Over the next few days I will be applying all of the updates I have been working on so expect a little site weirdness. If you have any bugs that persist after clearing cache of Volvospeed temp files, feel free to submit a bug report under the support tab at the top.  Some of these updates are moving towards upgrades I have planned for this server. I hope to have the site running mirrored on new box within a week or so. New box will be dual e5-1650s for those who care. That should help with server side a good bit, but main bottle neck is still i/o. I saw some black Friday sales pop up on drives and ram. If we can raise a little bit of money we can upgrade the SAS to RAID 10 which should help A LOT, donation link in sidebar. So if we hit our goal that is the plan. If we do not get close I will just throw another 16gb in the machine and increase cache threads. Either way, expect the site to be a lot faster in the next few weeks, and hopefully I have gotten to most of the bugs. 
  9. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    250 rounds through it and finished the trigger job. Ohhhh yeah!!!
  10. Updates/Bugs And Coupon Code
  11. Updates/Bugs And Coupon Code

    What error message are you getting when trying to link? Also what is format of link?
  12. Us Assault Weapon Ban **read First**

    It is a pointless and dumb bill on all parts. I do not think suppressors should be regulated, but I also think they are 99% pointless. As for select fire being over rated, I do not even know what to say to that. Single fire will put someone down, but will not reliably keep them for firing back. Full auto is good on trained personnel with fire control, select fire works wonders with noobs. Either way, semi-auto is a no go on a fielded weapon. From civilian standpoint who cares. If you want something for self defense use a scatter gun and be done with it. 
  13. Issues I am noticing

    Why is this here Should be able to reply now Emoticons should be there refresh Greg deleted your post.
  14. Can't answer or reply to topics.

    Moved server and patched issues that were known. Currently trying to figure out Sphinx update. Its being majorly pissy. Once I get it sorted out search should be back up.