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  1. Because the DoJ and FBI already do that. Besides, the CDC did a study a few years ago.
  2. Just load up the member map, and in the top right click "update location".
  3. Found the issue to this and a lot of other bugs. Working on it now, but will take a while and make require a rebuild.
  4. Not showing any errors. I will ask around and see if anyone deleted it for any reason.
  5. Dude. You missed the best part. Read her last twitter post.
  6. We already have laws against that.
  7. Just an update that the member map is back up. As far as I know all bugs that were reported have also been patched.
  8. I know the old ones did. I didn't think any of the new ones did though.
  9. Striker fire with no safety. Have fun with that.
  10. Voting is dumb.
  11. I am all for weapon caches. But don't dead drop a POS. So solution is easy. Ban shitty guns or guns for poor people. No one is going to sell a MK23 on the street for 100 bones.
  12. ROFL!!!! Seriously not even one mildly decent weapon on that chart. Back to earlier comments. Screw poor people. If you are poor you shouldn't be allowed to own a firearm. That said, holy shitballs at those numbers. Chicago is crappier than I thought.
  13. Was should we ban? Poor people?
  14. So there are no loopholes. At least not the ones discussed here. Just lack of prosecution on existing laws.
  15. You just described all laws. In this case though, its already illegal. Telling someone its illegal a second time is more effective than telling them once? What I think is fucked up is in the last few years over 2 million felons tried to buy guns illegally. Less than ten were charged. Go round up those 2 million fucks then pass new laws if you are still bored.