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  1. Any parent who think their child might of caught Affluenza should contact me immediately. I can cure them in a week for a single payment of 5 grand. Side-effects may include: Bruising at injection site Loss of consciousness Bleeding Or in rare cases death

  2. People think my filter is broken; the truth is, if I said what I really think half of you would have no clients or jobs.

  3. Chemical weapon attacks with no signs of respiratory distress. Interesting.

  4. I put breast feeding in public about on par with public urination. If you have to do it, you have to do it. I am not offended by it, just don't whip it out in front of my without warning and expect me not to comment. BE NINJA!

  5. Its official. Windows 8 makes me violent.

  6. Happy Birthday Tom Krawietz and Michael Archer. Get into some shenanigans for me!

  7. 01:00 and: AIX dB server is rebuilding containers and almost ready to deploy. CentOS web server is live with DNS populating. Windows web server is installing a 200Mb video driver it thinks it needs before telling me it probably needs to reboot.

  8. Ignore work for two weeks and stuff piles up. Who knew. Was out of town for a bit, but spent most of my time with a beautiful woman before she had to go back to work. Sorry for not being in better touch with everyone. I am blessed enough to have a lot of friends in a lot of diverse fields and locations, but I do drop the ball sometimes keeping up with everyone. Sorry for that, and I will try to be more on the ball. New girlfriend was priority, since her free time was limited, and well shes ho...

  9. Been a whole 2 weeks since I got yelled at by a cop... oh wait. Never mind. Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

  10. Teaching traffic laws to the world one... errr two cops at a time.

  11. Chugging Monster scratching my balls. Shannon Hudak

  12. Saturday in the park? How about Saturday in the get the monkey off my lawn. And WTF is funnel cake?

  13. Crazy ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD fence lizard and some flowery crap.

  14. Just heard Pareto principle used to describe spring break. 20% of the penises dominate 80% of the vaginas. God bless Florida.

  15. WTF... I submitted the lowest bid on a commercial property photography contract along with my architectural portfolio to burn up some chemicals I have laying around. I got a nice "F off" note along with this gem in-front of the attachment. Charles, Thank you for your interest however you are over qualified for this position. Best Regards, No good deed I swear.

  16. Gonna try and bang out 20 miles on the bike. Broken bones are over rated.

  17. "When stuff brings you down, just say 'monkey it' and eat yourself some mothermonkeying candy"

  18. I've been steady drinking since new years eve.

  19. -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- Charset: ISO-8859-1 hQEMA1ImkPLyErGTAQgA4TWiYCWxvt7g5sBgXfrxvFf3PDMeCpquPZqahQzAVe8o 9uRMFvBHvY6IX/i95hFg1e0PREW5tCHBO6WYuGoMZ4HGMpFexKSv1Zq+/dMPlN7x e0YYgAL0lOelnPV1r/vku1LTavrtOHJWfA1QeQeGgFkwoEe41/u42Jbh2673TIyL ryjwoyaUlG9ZCEuev9SCnvB1pwLpMATrXNHijp+BxBcMWutZQMrL4bWwEinmDQTV XlZhZta55YJrW6ZlFnovfZCcwIewcdM9pZrjW5k6fDVjEnelF/W13ol05aMrOGLG FvZtOeE27YhGwuaDf3MLxyGb0l/HYaO9mM108yIDV9KdASdgFdmVdUUMzwsAi2aH opP3CjsUulVgMaXy5nCypxZm3xKzxIJnvssfxPCity3lHl2Kw92Nt5la7Rn...

  20. Get money, keep make'n. monkey women of questionable morals., eat bacon.

  21. For the year of 2013 I shall refer to my penis as "Mankind".

  22. Happiness is warm slag, warm boobies, and warm bourbon. Have a safe New Years guys and gals.

  23. Lucky enough to have several sites I posted this on, but figured I should cross post it here for me "extended sphere of influence": In the wake of recent media events, I wanted to take a second to wish you all a happy holiday. In addition, know this time of year brings an increased level of stress and depression in some individuals. While the easy thing to do is shrug it off, if you know people like this personally you should take a moment to reach out. At the end of the day, no one person c...

  24. I'm just gonna say it. I really do not care.

  25. Bring me your Cheerios!!!