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  1. I would like to thank Mike and the others for the insurance suggestion. Several groups have listened. The NRA and USCCA have both announced net revenue on their insurance programs. Lets just say that it is well into the millions and they are using it to lobby against you. Kind of amazing that they took so long to recognize this massive potential revenue stream.
  2. Gotta stay sharp. They keep sending me to third world countries. Give up booze for a year and I’ll melt a gun.
  3. I did volunteer. I even offered to do it at a 10% discount. Cell phones cause more deaths each day than guns. Why don’t you melt down your new iPhone X and I’ll melt down an assault rifle?
  4. Mike, I will melt any weapon you want to pay market value -10% on. Send me a check and I'll post melt down videos.
  5. I’m still waiting for your solution Mike. Even if you ban all firearms, there are still more guns than people in this country. A buy back would cost more than the border wall that you are always bitching about.
  6. Ran 150 rounds through it this weekend. 99% off issues seem to be sorted out. No malfunctions but still working on mag well a little to get all mags to drop free.
  7. ~1200 dollars in parts for it sitting on my bench. Plan to run it 3Gun unlimited. Will document it over here:
  8. They're not super common, but not rare in this area either. Ones I have seen I will bust with a beanbag or rock salt and not see them again. We have had a couple horses come back with scratches on them though.
  9. What about medium cats? Mt. Lion, NA panther, so on?
  10. In a heartbeat. AR is better platform if you want to upgrade later one. You can build from parts a M4 for ~500 dollars. Later on when/if you want to upgrade it is easy. I would base off a good lower, and a .223 wyld barrel. Everything else does not really matter as it is easy to swap.
  11. Why thought?
  12. Put your armour back on and stock will be fine. You order from Atlantic?
  13. I need to get the forms for tents and such back soon. Who's spearheading this?
  14. Grats you post whore :P
  15. Shoot them back to back. Never seen anyone buy a Glock if they shot a Sig or FN the same day. If you think it handles nicer though you would be dumb not to get it.
  16. My personal experience with striker fired sigs is they are all junk. Same for their polymer frames. If you want something that size, look at the P239.
  17. You can pick up a P938 for 550 delivered with an extra mag. If you want to stay less than that, what about a Rami?
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  20. I see a few errors being thrown. Most were due to php.ini. I made some adjustments and it should work now. Can someone please confirm one way or another.