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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Mil Flash Patch
  2. Mil Flash Patch View File Mil Flash Patch Submitter Che'_Moderator Submitted 11/04/2016 Category General Volvo Files  
  3. Im in FL so if you are ever in the market again for one let me know.
  4. Because the DoJ and FBI already do that. Besides, the CDC did a study a few years ago.
  5. Just load up the member map, and in the top right click "update location".
  6. Found the issue to this and a lot of other bugs. Working on it now, but will take a while and make require a rebuild.
  7. Not showing any errors. I will ask around and see if anyone deleted it for any reason.
  8. This is under activity. You should be able to click time to unread or since last visit. Is that what you are looking for?
  9. Dude. You missed the best part. Read her last twitter post.
  10. Sorry that took so long. Sessions key entries got kicked up somehow so had to rebuild. Should be working now. If you have any additional issues feel free to open a bug report.
  11. Not sure what setting but I have found what is causing the problem. I plan to sit down tomorrow and kick it until it works.
  12. Just an update that the member map is back up. As far as I know all bugs that were reported have also been patched.