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  1. You are moderator so it should not be showing for you. Not sure if you were around when a bunch of mods used to want to help out so they would donate which in turn would demote them.
  2. Saw this and I have no idea. Looking into this and the other recount errors now. I found a bad cache file that was generated by mcache. Not sure why the file was generated incorrectly but I deleted and regenerated and it seems ok for now. If it comes back I will look into the cause, but for now I am going to write it off as first of the year BS
  3. Confirmed. If I try to add an attachment I see code throwing an error. I will take a look.
  4. Cannot confirm. Tried from member, supporting member, and admin account in Safari, Firefox, and Seamonkey. Have you tried more than one browser? Anyone in Moderator group able to test this?
  5. I can see page two if the vehicle had more than 15 modifications. What I see happening is that the cache data thinks there should be 15 model per page, but the current template only shows 10. Basically system needs a recount which I will do this week. Is this what you are referring to?
  6. Confirmed. I have a php/GD build that needs redone or to recode the script from image position. I played with a few versions of GD yesterday morning, hence the downtime, but it needs a full recompile. Will try to get this done midweek. I checked your permissions on for sale and for some reason you were inheriting permissions from the validating group. This should be fixed now, and you should be able to reply.
  7. What browser and is it the same photo? IE dimensions and file size?
  8. Which is why you would need to see the headstamp to know which is military.
  9. 1. 2. You can post multiple photos or albums from the gallery here, but if you use photo bucket you have to post them one at a time. I assume you mean post not upload. 3. Sorry this issue brought so much strife to your life.
  10. Changed Status to Fixed You are. Turn back now before it is too late.
  11. Making some updates. Error should have lasted under 60 seconds.
  12. A couple Mods were asking about this for people. 40% off membership winter coupon code is "2016".
  13. TRICK QUESTION. Need to see if there is a NATO headstamp to know which is military. Military and civie versions of both those calibers.
  14. PHP7 is out but waiting for first or second minor revisions. In theory that should speed things up a fair deal. Also rolling out new RAID probably this weekend.
  15. LOL really? Who cares what it looks like. One of my fav rifles I used to field had a busted rail on it where I had to literally bash an ACOG off it.
  16. Just looking for some feedback and suggestions. Everything should be running smoother now.