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  1. tested fuel pressure, results to my liking, replaced MAF, and Dyno.
  2. Sticker on the Fully loaded T6 I drove was $59,185. City Safety, rear dvd's, backup cameras, etc. Way too much IMO
  3. The tighter steering response peaks my interest. I drove one of the T6s and it felt very drab and slow. I guess it felt larger than I was hoping it would.
  4. is burnt and going back for more

  5. QUOTE (matt b @ Jan 12 2009, 09:59 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Nice Travis. Yours or the G/F ? The wifes.... got married in October. I didnt post a picture of that "purchase" haha
  6. So you are asking VS to write your paper for you? Damn i should of thought of that a couple years ago while I was still in college.
  7. Ripped the entire FMIC out and replaced all the silicone couplers and T-bolts with new ones. Replaced all the vacumn hoses. And hoped this would fix my boost problem and its not a slipping tranny. :(
  8. Drove it hard in the unseasonably cool 50degree mountain air. I miss winter... :ph34r:
  9. All this time and someone finally does it. Awesome. I cant wait for the vids
  10. Agreed. Illegals wanting health care without paying taxes into the system that they are effectively stealing from burns me more than most things. I dont give a shit if you wanted a better life go through the appropriate channels. Thats like stealing a Flat screen tv so your quality of life increases. If you want something better than what you have 9.99999 times out of 10 you have to work for it. Our govt would have been getting reamed by the same people that are pissed off now had we not gone to Iraq or Afgan. Its the nature of their being, they like to bitch and moan about everything that isnt their point of view. And even when they get something that they came up with that goes wrong they blame it on everyone else. Now who can tell me what word should be in the place of all the bolded words???
  11. Good point. Since im modding my car i shouldnt have a opinion. Ill shut up
  12. Yea it only costs initially $20 more to fill up, but if its more like $40 a week ,cause you drive more, extra and your self employed and you only get tax compenstaion for .485 cents a mile and it costs you more like .60cents a mile you are getting hosed on all sides. I get taxed for my income, im paying more for gas, and im able to deduct less and less of what I pay out of pocket for business purposes. So it is a big deal, especially when tax code doesnt keep up with the current situation ;)
  13. Howd you do? Oh and for myself.....ordered alot of goodies for springtime.....
  14. Washed and waxed the car in preparation of its 3 week sit in the garage while im away.
  15. Sooooothern comfort and a yellow and red pill for my shoulder..................= aaaabbbbbbbbuuuuuugggghhhhhhhh GT4 is much harder when you cant feel your fingers