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  1. I know that when my clamps aren't tight enough it does the same thing. Clicks and then dead. After that I have to remove the cables and then re tighten them. Not sure if this helps but maybe we both need new cables lol
  2. This car is going to be so much fun to drive
  3. Oh I already went through every album. I'm not even really fan of metal! but I heard cemetery gates one day and I was like ok this is one of the greatest songs ever made. After that I wanted to listen to it all and now I'm hooked.
  4. u could say it's on a whole new level I just got into them about 2 months ago and I've been obsessed.
  5. 😁 I have some plans. Can't divulge anything else at this particular moment. I won't disappoint you
  6. Thanks Josh. It was a hit and run, my car was pushed 30 feet down the street. I'm thinking it's probably a good thing that it wasn't in gear.
  7. Party on the sides business in the front... that's Andy