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  1. Mike slow down please
  2. Tasca's customer service is really good, I've never had a bad experience. They have things that FCP doesn't, and you can be sure it's the blue box.
  3. I have the same problem actually. Water has been getting into my e code turn signals and it's pissing me off.
  4. Jared took that pic during the earthquake of 2011
  5. you win this one, I take it back. I have Eibachs
  6. You keeping the calipers red Andy? Would look sweet matched to your paint.
  7. I have that size with zero issues. Nerd
  8. Good stuff Andy, I was wondering when you'd get that BBK action. FAG for life
  9. I just bought a house like Greg. I can now cum on the walls if I want to. Can get rid of my socks. Your tires are going to fall off. You should slow down!!!!
  10. Don't let those saffron jerks get you down. You're better than that. Us red guys need to stick together. I'm not going to let you crush it