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    know whats always good for shoulder pain you lick my butt hole

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  1. Good stuff Andy, I was wondering when you'd get that BBK action. FAG for life
  2. Brad850

    How Your Car Sits

    I just bought a house like Greg. I can now cum on the walls if I want to. Can get rid of my socks. Your tires are going to fall off. You should slow down!!!!
  3. Brad850

    How Your Car Sits

    Don't let those saffron jerks get you down. You're better than that. Us red guys need to stick together. I'm not going to let you crush it
  4. That thing is beautiful
  5. Brad850

    How Your Car Sits

    its so big it was hard not to That's what makes them special. It would be nice to be able to dump the clutch and not worry though.
  6. Brad850

    How Your Car Sits

    Your car looks amazing inside and out.
  7. Brad850

    How Your Car Sits

    Daren is saner than both of you put together. Greg's black spoiler makes me want to throw up Me whenever I see his car in person
  8. Brad850

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Yup. Still in the car going strong. I just think it's a good idea to have extra ones laying around in case I decide to blow it up.
  9. Brad850

    How Your Car Sits

    i h8 u
  10. Brad850

    Writing tips

    show us your tits Susan
  11. Brad850

    Off Topic: The Thread

    Kev do you still live in delaware? Is this the white 850R? Might be interested in the trans depending how good she is. And R bumper.
  12. Brad850

    Custom door tone sounds p2 cars

    You're telling me this song doesn't want to make you drive fast?
  13. Brad850

    Simply T-5R, The Build Thread : A New Hope

    Congrats Matt. I've been following your vids on youtube, definitely a little jealous.
  14. Brad850

    850R manual swap still done?

    Yup its just an extra half inch (roughly) of plastic that keeps the boot in place, the rest of the center console is exactly the same other than the sport/econ switch hole. I used this plastic bonding glue that was hot to the touch once it was applied, it's completely solid. Also you probably know this but the plastic lip is to be glued onto the underside of the console. I'll see if I can start my old phone up and get you the pictures.