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  1. Greg I have the same problem on my white R and I beleive it to be the steering rack unfortunately
  2. No problem getting mine out either. The tool snapped in half getting the first one in.
  3. thought i was the only one being silenced
  4. there's like 6 threads I want to post in
  5. I knew there was a powerlifter on here, I actually thought it was you and that I was going to make you proud. Thanks for nothing
  6. Did you install the sweet ass oil pressure sensor thingy????
  7. Reminds me of that scene in three stooges when they were pretending to be plumbers in that mansion.
  8. I love my Milwaukee weed wacker. You won't regret that one
  9. hahaha. Was parked there for 5 minutes. 1. Brother got in a t-bone accident years ago (which is what I think gave the car most of it's issues) 2 lady backed into it at the tire shop (paid for a new R bumper) 3 sideswiped on the street outside my brothers house (ran) 4 sideswiped on the street outside my parents house (ran) 5. Hit my neighbors car so hard that it hit mine and sent it 20 feet down the street (ran) You would think I would have learned my lesson parking it on the street but sometimes I couldn't help it. Worst part is I don't live in the city.
  10. My Red car got hit for like the 5th time since I've had it (NONE OF THEM MY FAULT) and i just got tired of sinking money into a body that wasn't straight, among other issues I just didn't have the will to fix. It had so many things wrong with it despite everything I did and other than it being stupid fast it was somewhat annoying to drive. I haven't done a photo shoot yet, but everything that was wrong with my red car is right with this car. It's so much nicer to drive. This is my plan! Except with the koni yellows I have. At this point I think lowering springs are too much of a trade off, especially since I don't even track my car. Are you happy with that setup considering you do autox and stuff?
  11. Whats springs are you running mikey
  12. I got these too. They are bright enough to actually be useful when backing up at night.
  13. This car is going to be so much fun to drive
  14. Oh I already went through every album. I'm not even really fan of metal! but I heard cemetery gates one day and I was like ok this is one of the greatest songs ever made. After that I wanted to listen to it all and now I'm hooked.
  15. u could say it's on a whole new level I just got into them about 2 months ago and I've been obsessed.
  16. 😁 I have some plans. Can't divulge anything else at this particular moment. I won't disappoint you
  17. Thanks Josh. It was a hit and run, my car was pushed 30 feet down the street. I'm thinking it's probably a good thing that it wasn't in gear.
  18. Party on the sides business in the front... that's Andy