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  1. Sadly no. I was doing work at the Town Center Mall Chick Fil A. I drive a grey rental/poverty spec Kia Sorento while working (provided for by work.)
  2. Seen you over by Town Center Mall in Kennesaw the other day. Car looked good.
  3. Did the SCCA Track Night at Atlanta Motorsport Park last week.
  4. Ball park price? Feel free to PM.
  5. Changed the oil, transmission fluid and brake fluid in the 944.
  6. Both cars are coming along nicely. 👍 I don't think I ever owned a P80 without a squeaky dash. 😢
  7. Porsche meets are the worst its just a bunch of 60+ year old guys who think "Paint to Sample" is rare and original. It's a factory color! You just checked a box! 🙄 I honestly don't think 90% of them could change their own oil.
  8. 90 percent of its use these days is track days and mountain runs.
  9. Took the 944 to Werks Reunion and Radwood at Ameila Island this past weekend. Also I finally got around to shaving and tucking the bumpers. Swapped the interior to black script from the mix of beige, brown and black. Ripped out the sound deadening, radio, speakers, AC etc. Also with it being an 83' no power steering from the factory. Because racecar?!
  10. ^ Sold my 955 for double what I paid for it. Thanks covid. Clean 955's were like 5k for so long. Now everyone and their sister is "overlanding" them.
  11. It snows not even a week out of the year here. 200tw year round. 😂
  12. Looks good. Good job on the bay.
  13. I like Tire Rack. Plus being able to pick up from the warehouse (15 minutes away) saves $40. Had some tires put on the S60R. GT Radial Champiro SX2. Literally the cheapest summer/200tw tires I could find. 😂 Rides softer than Falken RT615K+'s, way better in the rain than RT615K+'s but... doesn't have the turn in or feel. They will be fine for a beater though.