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  1. Hawaii, Canada and about to be in Puerto Rico.
  2. I'm in one again tomorrow. Flying back to GA in the morning. Currently in Idaho. Next week is Oregon or Mass. Then after that who knows?!
  3. Several people in our office got it. Some techs got it as well. The common theme seems to be hardcore right wing and claim it to be a hoax. 🤣 I still test negative all the time even though I'm still flying weekly. Just wear a mask and use common sense. 🙄
  4. Went up 3 threads on the front coilovers. Almost maxed the rear torsion bar eccentric nut (raising the rear). Probably going to go up another two threads on the front. Then get it aligned.
  5. I need to get around to tucking the front bumper. Also need to shave and paint the other bumpers.
  6. caanglin

    Eriks 850

    I think Joe or someone made a how to on it. I think it was just a resistor.
  7. Getting groceries. Finally lowered it.
  8. I need to dig my Dreamcast out and play some Tokyo Xtreme Racer. Road Atlanta Track Day.
  9. I can't think of anyone I know personally who has had it. I always wear a mask outside. I work in Chick Fil A's all around the country and still haven't had it. (knock on wood) Been tested a few times. I even wear my mask when working outside mounting wifi antennas, digital menu boards and cameras by myself. I'm not too worried about it personally. Just trying to do my part to not give it to anyone else.
  10. Did a mountain on the most overrated "driving" road in the country. At least the other spots we hit up before it were good. P.S. if you're in the area of the ToD hit up Joyce Kilmer Rd. Joyce Kilmer > 129. Elliott bought his "new" RHD Scottish import 944 S2 for a shake down.
  11. SCCA Track Night at Atlanta Motorsports Park
  12. Got the HRE 535's on. Need to drive it and get the suspension to settle. Also need to go beat on it since I have a track day on the 12th.