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  1. Put an EZ lip on the 944. Still waiting on those clear front side markers. 🙄
  2. Some non Volvo pics from Alpine Vag Fair. Before: After: Some guys (JVC) red S70 in the background.
  3. Gary seen my old wagon with Billy HD's. He seemed surprised how "low" it was. I would just get coil-overs if I were you. I wanted KW's but had an Enjuku coupon so I went with the BC's. I don't care for the dampening adjustment honestly. I plan to install them tomorrow.
  4. During a company meeting. "Just because it's legal in some states doesn't make it ok. It's still against company policy." Ok...
  5. The one thing I don't like about the E36. Step 1 to every project is "remove intake manifold."
  6. Found an old pic on my phone. Federal 595 RSR 225-40/18 next to Firestone Indy 500 225-40/18. Both tires are stacked two high.
  7. Rinsed the E36 off. Maybe I will wash it one day... maybe.
  8. Federals have always seemed to run a size a wide. A 215/40-17 is more like a 225/40-17.
  9. A lot of people say the RSR's or RSRR's get gummy after long stints but we've never had a problem. The RE71Rs are super fun/sticky but they marble up corners. I think everyone just knows its a cheater tire (no where near 200 tread wear). I just like the Federals for the bang for the buck. I'm sure everything similar is better (RE71, AD08, Rivial, RS4, V720) but for like $400 for all four tires. I can't complain at all. I'll take a .1 second hit for saving hundreds of dollars.
  10. Yup. Also got the newer model RSRR's on the M3. I love them. For the money I can't think of anything stickier. Daily Firestone Indy 500's. Weekend toy Federal RSR's or the newer RSRR's
  11. It's my friend Elliot's fiances car. Its awaiting an M20 swap.
  12. 944 stuffs.. Coilovers, wheels, fuel lines, blah blah blah. Still needs, spacers, wood trim removed and seats dyed.