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  1. Got the clear front side markers on the 944. 😎 Need put the clear side markers on the 955 one day too. 😂
  2. Put an EZ lip on the 944. Still waiting on those clear front side markers. 🙄
  3. Some non Volvo pics from Alpine Vag Fair. Before: After: Some guys (JVC) red S70 in the background.
  4. Gary seen my old wagon with Billy HD's. He seemed surprised how "low" it was. I would just get coil-overs if I were you. I wanted KW's but had an Enjuku coupon so I went with the BC's. I don't care for the dampening adjustment honestly. I plan to install them tomorrow.
  5. During a company meeting. "Just because it's legal in some states doesn't make it ok. It's still against company policy." Ok...
  6. The one thing I don't like about the E36. Step 1 to every project is "remove intake manifold."
  7. Found an old pic on my phone. Federal 595 RSR 225-40/18 next to Firestone Indy 500 225-40/18. Both tires are stacked two high.
  8. Rinsed the E36 off. Maybe I will wash it one day... maybe.
  9. Federals have always seemed to run a size a wide. A 215/40-17 is more like a 225/40-17.
  10. A lot of people say the RSR's or RSRR's get gummy after long stints but we've never had a problem. The RE71Rs are super fun/sticky but they marble up corners. I think everyone just knows its a cheater tire (no where near 200 tread wear). I just like the Federals for the bang for the buck. I'm sure everything similar is better (RE71, AD08, Rivial, RS4, V720) but for like $400 for all four tires. I can't complain at all. I'll take a .1 second hit for saving hundreds of dollars.
  11. Yup. Also got the newer model RSRR's on the M3. I love them. For the money I can't think of anything stickier. Daily Firestone Indy 500's. Weekend toy Federal RSR's or the newer RSRR's