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  1. Adjusted the ride height bit on the SR. Put the adjustable burly boy rear sway bar in it. Not sure of the brand but was several mm thicker than OEM. Wide angle makes the rear wheels look all tilty boi.
  2. Drove it 20+ hours round trip. Ran 5 30 minute sessions. Even slept in it. Not the most comfortable car to drive long distances. The car doesn't have AC, PS, ABS, radio, carpet, sound deadening etc. 😂 IEM's + Spotify FTW. The RT615K+'s are a year old. They have a few DE's, and a few autocrosses on them. Plus a few thousand street miles. Very satisfied with them. They last but aren't the stickiest "200TW." I rode shotgun in one Elliott's track cars. Slicks > 200TW. Slicks on another set of wheels might be my next move for the 944. #doitfordale My friend Elliott's Euro RHD S2 won peoples choice award.
  3. Hilton still the go to for P2R tunes?
  4. 160k. Timing belt, water pump and PCV were done earlier this year.
  5. Auto. Not much. Maybe some springs, sways, downpipe and tune.
  6. Browsing FB Marketplace while out of town. 🙄 Back in a Volvo.
  7. I've never personally used or owned one but, know people with them. They all seem to love them. I'm considering getting one. It seems to beat the hell out of lugging jacks and stands around a car.
  8. Some pics from Why2k
  9. That's kind of where I've gotten too. Tracking RWD cars is a lot more fun. But I wouldn't say no to a track prepped CRX. 😁 That car looks like a good starting point. Most I find for sale are clapped out. I find myself browsing FB Marketplace for 850R's again. Just looking for a cheap beater. I would just slap some coil-overs, sway bars, 302's with good pads and a set of wheels on it and call it done.
  10. Gotta suck to not be able to run sticky tires all year.