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  1. ^ Loved the ST's on my E36. Poor man KW's. No more sedan. Living that touring life now. 😎 Swapped all the sedan parts over to the wagon. BMWCCA auto-cross is back on next month. So I need to get it ready. Still need to install the M3 SMG steering wheel, 330i front brakes ( w/centric blanks and hawk 5.0 pads) and Federal RSRR's. 18x8 +13 M parallels Raceland Ultimos (Came on the car. Probably get ST XTA's down the road) Adjustable rear camber arms Ultra Racing front strut brace Garagistic rear strut brace 30mm adjustable M3 front sway bar EST rear sway bar Borla Cat back Afe intake Electric fan All new fluids: OEM coolant, Redline transmission, Valvoline diff, Ate brake and Liqui Moly engine. Misc: Installed a later oem head-unit and oem auxiliary cable. The sedan Bavsound speakers fit the touring. 😁 Also might be picking this up. I have a problem. 🤓 Early NA with all the basic mods already done. The plan would be to just install the old Weltmister springs, KLA strut mounts, KLA strut brace and fat oem sway bars I have and hopefully call it done.
  2. I just use XP compatibility mode on W10. 🤷‍♂️
  3. Swapped the valve body on the Cayenne. Was getting delayed rough shifts occasionally when merging or passing on the highway / interstate. So much fluid. I don't think the smell is coming out of that shirt. 😁
  4. Feel like poop. Need to do them. Also got a rear sub-frame reinforcement kit to install.
  5. Been doing a little bit of work here and there on the E46 330i. I was getting it ready for the local BMW CCA AutoX and the occasional HPDE but who knows how this season will go now. H&R race springs Koni Actives (came on the car, not fan. Not enough travel for the H&R's. Looking at ST XTA coilovers.) E46 M3 front sway ECS Tuning rear sway bar Turner Camber front plates Godspeed rear camber arms Ultra Racing front strut brace Garagistic rear strut brace Garagistic stainless brakes lines ATE Amber fluid EBC Yellow Stuff brake pads (damaged box dirt cheap 🙂) Corbeau FX1 Pro seat DS1's with Federal RS-RR's Also did a tune up. Coils, Plugs, hot air intake (factory box was cracked / broken), fuel filter, valve cover gasket, diff fluid and transmission fluid. Also might throw on the mechanical fan delete I have sitting in the garage. Still need to install the Bimmerbrake headers. And at some point do the manual swap (picked that up for $300 😁). It came with some rice-tastic headlights and taillights swapped them back to stock.
  6. Got the clear front side markers on the 944. 😎 Need put the clear side markers on the 955 one day too. 😂
  7. Put an EZ lip on the 944. Still waiting on those clear front side markers. 🙄
  8. Some non Volvo pics from Alpine Vag Fair. Before: After: Some guys (JVC) red S70 in the background.
  9. Gary seen my old wagon with Billy HD's. He seemed surprised how "low" it was. I would just get coil-overs if I were you. I wanted KW's but had an Enjuku coupon so I went with the BC's. I don't care for the dampening adjustment honestly. I plan to install them tomorrow.
  10. During a company meeting. "Just because it's legal in some states doesn't make it ok. It's still against company policy." Ok...