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  1. Be the change you want to see Kevin.
  2. Drove it. With the non stop travel it doesn't happen enough.
  3. Nothing happened under Obama so... I get the feeling nothing will happen under Trump. /thread.
  4. Might as well put in some NA cams while you're at huh?
  5. Can't wait to see the "while I'm in here I might as well."
  6. The headers and mid-section made it A LOT louder.
  7. Going over what I've done to the E36 M3. Hopefully after getting the rear RSR's on and getting some Eibach sways and Hawk HP Plus pads I'm done. Hopefully. Engine: RK Tune w/ burble Afe Intake Bimmerworld ASC Delete Boot M50 Manifold w/Bimmerworld Install Kit eBay Header Custom Cat-less Mid-Section Active Autowerke Cat-back Aluminum Radiator – CX Racing Bimmerworld Fan Delete Kit Transmission: New OEM clutch kit ECS Shifter Rebuild/Upgrade Kit Suspension: Z3 Rack Delrin Steering Bushing ST Coilovers OEM X-Brace Whiteline Front Strut-bar SPC Camber Plates Godspeed Rear Camber Arms ECS Poly Trailing Arm Bushings (W/Limiters) ECS Poly Differential Bushings Powerflex Front Control Arm Bushings, F/R Sway-bar Bushings, F/R Sub-frame Bushings HD Rear Strut Mounts w/Reinforcement Plates 15mm Spacers (Front) OZ Ultraleggera 18x8 – 18x9 225/40-18 Federal RSR (Front) 255/35-18 Nankang NS2 (Rear) Who pays money for these shit ass tires?!!? Brakes: Zimmer Rotors OEM Brake Pads Stainless Steel Lines Ate Amber Fluid Interior: Grams Wideband Corbeau FX1 Pro Personal Neo Grinta Wheel TRM Shift-knob Bav Sound Stage 1 Speakers
  8. So much for Fortune Auto's. $750 Craigslist score. ST coil-overs (for the E36) brand new in box. I already have camber plates. *generic pic*
  9. Miller stuff showed up in an RK Tunes package. So I guess Miller sold to RK?
  10. I wasn't so lucky. My lowest was 17x with the leaky gasket/head. After its ~190. Not bad for 225k+ miles. Corbeau FX1 Pro. $320 shipped on
  11. So about dat tune... Let's hope I don't blow anything up.
  12. I'd probably going option 2 just so you can go ahead and do anything you may want to even down the road. I've been looking at coil-overs for a while. I'm going back and forth between Feal and Fortune Auto.
  13. It got old fast. Now after a job I look forward to the hotel room and Cartoon Network. lol
  14. No body does forums anymore. It's all FB groups and Instagram. It doesn't help that fly out pretty much every week. This is probably the second week this year I'm not flying. The last few weeks I can remember... Los Angeles, Newark, Oklahoma City, Dallas... I'm perpetually tired.
  15. Since your boosted are you going metal? Somehow mine turned in to. Headers, custom mid-section, M50 manifold, all new coolant lines, fan delete, low temp thermostat, low temp fan switch. Shifter rebuild (ECS Performance), poly bushing kit, Z3 rack, delrin steering bushing, and about to get a custom tune at Market Motor Works. lol 90% of that shit doesn't even qualify for "while your in there." lol
  16. Sold it. The gearing was way too short for work road trips. Cruising above 4k rpms for hours on end sucks.
  17. I'm not attached to BMW at all. Maybe one day I'll dig the 855R out of my parents garage. Maybe...
  18. I got the Garagistic stainless lines from eBay because they were cheaper there than their own site. I'm also looking at their Treehouse bushing and their shifter parts.
  19. Most of the track day bro's here run MTL. Or a mixture of ATF and MTL. I can't remember if I put Redline or Purple Drank in the diff. What ever it was, it was the 140 not 90. Someone on the Bimmernerd forums actually had a Blackstone Lab report that swayed my decision on that one.