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  1. #TRUMPNADO ? Social media has been bringing the lol's today.
  2. Since I've been traveling Monday-Friday since May I figured why not.
  3. Just a generic pic. Still rocking the AMD R9 290. Forgot I got a Delienware laptop recently. i5 i5-6300 and GTX 4gb 960m
  4. Broin' it up with bra's brah. PC version - gamertag - caanglin
  5. What is this wash you speak of? People on here still own Volvo's?
  6. Same here. I just started using my imgur account to host.
  7. I need to stop looking at E36 M3 sedans on CL. I might accidentally buy one. It's nice to drive one again. Head lights go up. Headlights go down. Head lights go up. Headlights go down. Headlights go up, headlights go... wait headlights go do... FUCK! GO DOWN!!!!! I love the seating position of it. And the shifter feels so much nicer than the GVR4 (stupid cable trans) Sure its slow buts fun throw through corners.
  8. Its running very well. Turn signals aren't working for some reason. Seems like the switch. Plans for it de-cat and chips. Going to pull the wheels, Koni struts and Weltmeister springs from the 951 and put them on the 944. The 951 isn't going back on the road for a few more months. I plan to get coil-overs and lighter wheels for it. Finally found a shop that won't rape me to put a bigger wheel in the turbo.
  9. Finally got the Evo VIII seat and Bride rail in.
  10. My cousin is back in Oki. So I'm planning a mainland / Oki trip. A few days on Oki and a week plus on the mainland. Hopefully nothing too cheap pops up on
  11. I have zero preference. For some reason the pistols I like just happen to be striker is all. Kind of like how I own RWD, FWD and AWD cars.
  12. Which is one of the reason for me sticking with a 20G. Plus $$$$. A P80 is for sure more comfortable dailying.
  13. I love the MP&Shield for carry. But I have Donald Trump hands. So...
  14. Bride seat rail and a passenger side EVO VIII seat (hasn't arrived yet).
  15. Had an exhaust leak / rattle fixed at my buddy Justin's shop. You may recognize some of the cars he works on...
  16. It's already done. And checked all the tension on the belts.