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  1. Yeah. Probably should have worked on the 951 instead of buying a 944. But I'll get around to that one day when I have free time again. Early 85 so its a slow ol' NA. Elliot let it go really cheap so why not.
  2. I never knew I had such masochistic tendencies.
  3. Better than Indiana (this weeks jobs). Carmel Indiana was ok though. Ohio was like one long never ending road construction zone. Indiana was like a giant cornfield. Got home and wanted to enjoy the GVR4... and the Walbro was dead. Drove to Summit and picked up a new one. It was not fun doing it in the apartment complex with no shade. So much ball sweat.
  4. They make me miss my bed. Will be home from Friday night to Monday morning. Then off to NE and IA... and then who knows where. I'm wondering why I pay rent.
  5. Anything to do in Columbus Ohio? Have tomorrow off for "Cow Appreciation Day" at Chick-Fil-A.
  6. RE71R's don't seem like street tires either. Street tires shouldn't be making marbles in auto-x.
  7. It's mostly hilly twisty roads I have fun on. Good chance I will hit up a couple Lanier nights and do auto-x while my friends drift. The ATE should be fine, but I did find a shop right down the road from me that sells Motul so I might pick up a jug when I get back in town. Also thinking about a second set of wheels with stickier tires. I wish I was ballin' and could afford to run AD08R's or RE71R's daily.
  8. From Caffeine and Octane this morning.
  9. Not all today but... put on the Centric blanks with Hawk HP Plus pads. Dusty but sooooo much more bite. Can't wait to hit up Blood Mountain with them. Still need to flush out the old brake fluid put the Ate in. Mount, balance and alignment with the V12 Evo2's.
  10. I still need to turn my 16G in to a 20G. Downside is the Evo III housing is only 7cm.
  11. Galant needed a brake refresh so... why not. No more mushy brakes on mountain runs. Hawk HP Plus pads ATE Amber Centric blanks
  12. Yeah but the current gen BMW's are not known for being "drivers" cars they have become numb/dull like Audi. Poor Mitsubishi they were killing it in the 80's and 90's like the rest of the Japanese brands. Then fell off the face of the earth except for the Outlander these days. They had the 3000GT/GTO, AWD DSM's, Starion Tsi, Evo's, GVR4's, Legnum VR4's.
  13. How do you guys feel about Giant Meteor for president? Seems like they would solve our problems.
  14. A part of me really wants a Techno Violet sedan with a ricer light weight wing.
  15. The last "full price" game I purchased was Fallout 4 even then I used a Green Man Gaming code.
  16. You need to drive that car more.
  17. Is the F series him dead on the toilet?