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  1. Very Cool! Thanks! Headlines here.... "Gordon Takes Pole"....most knew that years ago! ;)
  2. Naaah, I've already taken the first step and admitted it but I'm not taking the second step to do anything about it!
  3. [quote name='Chilled Man' I am watching forrest gump on tv Get a job! ;)
  4. So your admitting it was dead and now it rose?? ;)
  5. OK boys and girls ...enough!!! Please...I really see this going no where other than upsetting people? Whether the kid did a bong hit or not makes no difference. For everyone out there that has never put anything harmful into your body and a total saint...I would like to see you out swim the kid! He can't be that much of a smoker if he accomplished what he did? That bong hit is probably less harmful to your body than the fast food America consumes daily like Mickey D's or Burger Krap etc... So an obese person causes a 20 car pile up on the interstate after having a stroke from eating a DELICIOUS FAST FOOD BURGER. Is this a crime NO...but it should be!! So one kid takes a bong hit or a drink underage and does the same thing this would be a HUGE ISSUE even if he blew say .00000001/2. Think about what your saying and what was originally posted.
  6. I personally find this quote interesting...shows someone has some biblical knowledge on the Christianity side.
  7. Piss on the bastards let it all crash and bring inflation back to reality. Better yet dump the welfare and disability and use that to bail them out?
  8. Ya' know in just under 48hrs Jesus will have an active thread for 1 yr???? Nice ......
  10. There is a section for this? ;)
  11. Why not post the rest of the conversation Charles? On second thought... Chicken balls!!! LMAO ;)
  12. You must pay the Government!!!
  13. I live in PA...... the government is sooo corrupt it ain't even funny............ Shut up, pay your taxes and Ted Nugent for president. How many times do i have to say this. Buy lots of ammunition
  14. ES80 12 hours for accessing/posting on others accounts
  15. Just my 2 cents..... I personally did not make Carlisle this year due too more important issues other than vehicles and I'm about 10 minutes away? However I have been there for many many years not only involved in the Volvo community but in the Saab community as well. I know ladies/gentlemen there from all the groups, but the folks I know are just totally enthusiastic about cars not political aspects. There are many great products and deals to be had there ,not too mention communication lines created from such a great gathering. Carlisle is a huge gathering from all over and the license plates justify such and sometimes freak me out knowing that such a gathering was created in basically my backyard. I personally like to stay under the radar, V/S for some reason has hooked me and has become my site of choice for Swedish cars. Charles is the operator of this site and I respect his decisions, agreeing with them or not. They are fair ones from what I have witnessed however many others I know nothing about! As part of the OH moderator crew I feel like we are council under the administrators for this community and Charles has made his decisions on such as he sees fit. If I think he is unjust on a subject posted, I will call him on such, which I have! This is his site as I see it and if personally you do not like it, you always have the option too leave? I share my knowledge freely here ...I sell no products and financially gain "nothing" from this site. I do this site because I can and enjoy doing such, I have the option too leave at anytime as well. I really enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing the feedback from such meets. Whether it's on the east coast,west coast,north,south,freakin Guam I don't care. Deep down I will always have a passion for cars and Swedish ones at that. So enjoy the site, respect opinions of the operator and the community thoughts. ;)
  16. I'm so there man! I need new rope for my windows :lol:
  17. AMEN! P.S. That used to be the American way and I for see it rebounding real soon!!
  18. I'm so tired of hearing racial issues? In my mind I see no color either your American or not? Most of those complaining were living off and still are living off the government? Talk about racist? "Colored" individuals have soooooo many opportunities ,groups and organizations to be involved with that whites are not allowed? I don't believe that I have ever seen the United White Boy College fund? Or the NAAWP? Give the racial issue a break and stop blaming the government for all the problems?