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  1. Hello ET,

    The bumper is still available. I am inthe Covington Area. I travel a lot for work and I am out of town, How soon do you need the bumper ?


  2. I am sorry I have not been here lately, do you still want the amp & Sc 901 ?

  3. Can you let me know if you still want 960 lip & roof trim. Thanks

  4. still need the parts ?

  5. I have a set of Bilstein HD for sale, prefer not to split the set

  6. If you want the trim & spoiler lket me know, I can throw in a set of lighted rear window switches for the 850 & sidemarker wiring harness at not extra cost. I will be travelling and want to ship this stuff before I leave town. Either way if you dont want it let me know, I have someone who wants to trade some parts in exchange.

  7. 960 lip chin spoiler, I have one available, also have the roof trim if you still need it can combine shipping

  8. I have the mount and Stock Springs

  9. still interested in roof trim ?

  10. I have all $35 shipped

  11. i have one I can ship in the am $38 shipped

  12. I just got the cluster back today, post office said it was undeliverable