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  1. Timing belt

  2. Timing belt

    Would you drive on a 14 year old tire? Same with a 14 year old RUBBER timing belt, it may "look" fine, but it'll snap and then you'll be looking for a new engine. Timing belt interval is in the owner's manual, free to download. Look them up.
  3. Rough clutch pedal

    Did you check the clutch fluid to make sure there isn't a leak?
  4. Rough clutch pedal

    How old/miles is the clutch?? No on fluid.
  5. I have a Turbonetics a/r .63 turbine housing for a Garrett Turbo, the housing is machined for a stage III turbine wheel. (stock is stage I turbine wheel) No crack around the wastegate hold, normal cracks inside the scroll. Turbonetics no longer sell housing for State III wheels. Asking $60 + shipping.
  6. Engine mount "buffer"

    It stops the engine hitting the subframe.
  7. Can you make both mounting holes bigger on the radiator so you can move it back a little? Do you have a 99 Radiator? Rock auto have different part number listing for 98 and 99 radiator.
  8. Base ignition timing map for 850

    Not capable of inputting the below info? Idle RPM is RPM 300 rpm minimum Estimated idle vacuum is (the most vacuum you expect from your engine) "Hg ~24 for stock ~15 for street/strip ~10 for race engine RPM redline (maximum operating rpm) is RPM 12,000 rpm maximum Peak flywheel horsepower is HP @ RPM Peak torque is lb·ft @ RPM Engine displacement is liters Engine maximum boost level (0 for naturally aspirated, max. boost (psi) for turbo/supercharged) psi 21 psi maximum
  9. Base ignition timing map for 850

    It's MS. Just make your own table. There is zero need to copy anyone elses.
  10. Volvo 855T Turbo swap

    Leave your daily driver alone, unless you can afford without it.
  11. Only thing that affect injector dead time is voltage.
  12. M56 not engaging in 1st or 2nd

    Can you shift to 1st/2nd using the controls on top of the transmission?
  13. $25 to resurface here. Cheap insurance.
  14. Low Oil Pressure Cold Start

    0w-30 didn't exist back in the days. It is a synthetic oil and it is good for your engine. W in the oil means winter. 30 means how well the oil flow when the oil is up to temperature.