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  1. Xdf file needed to read m4.3 bin

    You tried these?
  2. WTB: 850 manual swap kit PNW

    $400 for all the parts you need.
  3. Diy Cold air inlet for 850

    850 have cold air inlet stock.
  4. Looks the same as mine.
  5. How to unprogram key fob

    Go to eBay , buy more FOBs, each can car remember up to 3 FOBs (I think). Then reprogram each cars to only three FOB.
  6. OP had spark, crank sensor is not the issue. Stop telling him crank sensor. Reverse all the modification and put it back when it had spark! Look into why injectors not firing, I'd start by the injector relay wiring/connector near the fan relay on top of the radiator fan.
  7. DW fuel pumps

    Look up early integra's fuel pump sock, it might work for you.
  8. exhaust manifold

    How much hp are you looking for?
  9. 96 854R w/ GTX3071R Dyno Runs

    Nice power. How much boost do you run on the street to have traction in 2nd gear?
  10. Tuner4life's 1998 Saffron V70R

    Shouldn't you wash the car after the road trip instead of before?
  11. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    What is the part number of your ECU?
  12. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Get another M4.4 ECU and flash the 607 bin in it. I don't know about Europe specs cars and what year to look for a M4.4 ECU.
  13. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Let's start with the basics: What is the year, make, model, transmission option of your current car? What engine do you have? What is the repair history on your car?
  14. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Fix your voltage problem first? Your cables are probably corroded and worn. As for voltage, the ECU has a table to compensate for voltage variation.
  15. Tuners Rejoice! Free Tuning For M4.4!

    Thanks. Wow, that's a lot of work! It probably doesn't help anyone here, but I found the M4.3 R auto 0261203627 calibration file that does not set the CEL when used with an manual swapped M4.3 car. The rev drop immediately after stepping on the clutch using the 627 file. 850 T5-R 240HP