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  1. exhaust manifold

    How much hp are you looking for?
  2. Microsquirt 1985 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo

    Dynoed it. Microsquirt, Intercooler was changed to a more efficient one, a V-trim turbo was put in instead of the 50 trim, and a baffled muffler instead of straight thru. Less boost, more power, even running on E54 instead of E85.
  3. I'm in AZ, My friend's 98 S70 passed emission without OBDII readiness ready due to not having check engine light. No sniff test either.
  4. 96 854R w/ GTX3071R Dyno Runs

    Nice power. How much boost do you run on the street to have traction in 2nd gear?
  5. Volvo 850 headlights

    Convert the headlight to use HID housing? That why you won't have to worry about reflectors.
  6. A serious discussion about V8 swaps

    Why AWD? I'd get a 960 and Volvette it. Tire of wheel spin? What tires are you using? Have traction control? AWD will probably more likely to break things instead of just breaking traction.
  7. Why not go with synthetic ATF?
  8. Volvo 850 t5 conversion

    Is the injector relay plugged in? It's near the radiator fan relay.
  9. This is my 4 bar. I can sell you mine for $25 shipped, since I don't need it, 1 minute run time.
  10. Here is the calculator. Have you done fuel pressure test on your system? The last three 850 turbo fuel pressure regulator I tested say 51psi with no vacuum hose attached, so that actually makes them 3.5bar instead of 3bar. I did the test after I already bought a 4bar regulator (tested at 58psi). With the regulator change, I was expected around 11% increase of fuel, but I only got 5%, basically wasted my money and time. So, if you have not, I would suggest you do a fuel pressure test and fuel volume test while you're at it.
  11. S70 AWD exhaust under a 1997 S70R

    1997 S70R? No such car, at least not in US. Dual exhaust will actually slow you down but if you want it for looks, then.
  12. ATC Racing intercooler?

    I have a eBay intercooler. The DO88 is much better option. eBay intercooler has a 2 inch outlet, came with no hardware, bolt holes may not line up right, the fit and finish on the intercooler is not right. Same with the radiator. It's on sale, get it.
  13. I've got a auto throttle cable for $10 + shipping.
  14. Engine swap?

    Swap car. Sounds like an easy fix.
  15. New

    1996 means OBDII, unless you don't have emission, get a 1995 or prior.