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  1. Run a hose from the fuel return to a gallon jug, power the fuel pump for 15 seconds, multiple that the amount of fuel by 240 and you'll have the qt per hour or liter per hour.
  2. I wonder how much fuel volume comes out at the engine bay. Are are you willing to do a fuel volume check?
  3. 850 T-5 coolant boiling???

    Because you said, " I thought compression was in the coolant but no coolant missing,no overheating,no coolant in the oil." That indicated everything is working fine. The coolant system works under pressure, by opening the cap while engine is HOT , you release that pressure and coolant/water comes out immediately. When you put water back in and close the cap, there is air in the system which will self bleed if you don't constantly opening a hot coolant system. Did you use 50% coolant/50% water? Sounds there is nothing to be concern.
  4. 850 T-5 coolant boiling???

    I read it three times and I still have on idea what you're trying to say.
  5. LPT Red Injectors

    No. ECU are calibration to use very specific injectors. In addition of flow numbers, there are also injector dead-time and voltage correct to consider. If your car is running fine with the red injectors now, just replace the caps and o-rings.
  6. PCV and excessive oil loss?

    If only there is a vehicle Volvo made that can match the MPG of my 2000 Honda Insight.
  7. 2000 C70 vacuum leak... I am pretty sure

    What is your current idle speed?
  8. PCV and excessive oil loss?

    I no longer have a Volvo, but I upgraded the oil catch can on my GLH to a ProVent 200.
  9. 2000 C70 front alignment issues

    Are thrust angle correct? Are the toe in the rear correct? The rear toe is adjustable. If you do buy the "p80 / p2 Adjustable Strut Mount" you'd want "595 USD + Shipping for the adjustable strut mounts & Luxe Steer™ for Stock Geometry Springs, (use this option if you are using stock springs, sport springs like IPD or TME, or KW coilovers)"
  10. Hole in flywheel?

    Get it resurface and check for crack.
  11. 97 850R with m56h transmission leaking

    Nope, just showing I've taking the entire transmission apart.
  12. 97 850R with m56h transmission leaking

    Easy. Change the real main seals while you're in there.
  13. NO 1. Cylinder no compression

    LMS isn't urban myth, I experienced it.
  14. NO 1. Cylinder no compression

    I'd say burnt valve.
  15. Exhaust Manifold Nuts and Studs

    Same your money and order only the gasket.