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  1. just keeping this thread going! <img src=>
  2. About to do firewall mount and ipd upper engine mount on the yellow.
  3. I have heard a little about this, but not much..can you link me to a site where this is discussed further? My girlfriend's father is looking to buy one. [
  4. my SE in the backyard just now, waiting for a fuel pump:
  5. my platinum outside. the yellow and SE are hiding
  6. nice, have the same wheels on my father's E39 sport.
  7. hell yeah, we're a bmw/volvo family. B)
  8. ChilledMan, is that cmurph's old T5 from Massachusetts?
  9. i'll play. my t-5r outside on the driveway in the rain right now, SE is in the garage as usual:
  10. Can someone tell me why my off-topic thread talking about my Volvo Parts eBay store was deleted? I am still new to VS and I just wanted to figure out what happened so I can make adjustments. Here is the link, though to the store: I always have Volvo parts in stock, FWD and RWD.