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  1. Oh I will so post in heer tonight!!! mother monkeyer i am so mad right now.... fucning girsl picss mee off so meucy! goddamn drama is the bullshyit!
  2. The internet never got cuttoff, I thought it did, but it just wasn't working... My cell phone on the other hand....
  3. Jake is trying to say "i dinnt hac the $ rht now bt wuld by it any time othr than nnw"
  4. I want that downpipe!!! No have $$$$ right now :angry:
  5. :lol: "Without the US Canada is Honduras... just colder" :lol:
  6. We are really poking hung over.... I need to drive this biotch to work, but I almost got in an accident driving around the block! drunkenness and ya.....
  7. I'm hung right now.... well I'm always hung, but last night was my birthday and I am really hung. The tally....... 2 Tsing Sao's at Panda Palace 1 shot of Jack at The slow pitch casino Split 3 pitchers of Hef with my friend Rian Had 6-8 read headed sluts .......FREE FOR ME!!!
  8. Never said that either... said it was more responsibility.... that doesn't mean you are more responsible, just means you have 1 more responsibility.
  9. I was generalizing based on the quote..... I was trying to make it sound one sided from each side.... Soooooo ;)
  10. Ha ha ha.... You'd probably get a call from some guy in France saying, "wi, wi, I won your auction and you do not vote for tha, tha, George Wya, wi? You vote for tha, John Kerrrrrrrrrry!"
  11. I like the generalizing there... Ya, everyone who voted for Bush is married, not involved in government, go to church, are protestants, and christians.... So apparently, 53 million people fit that description. I don't know about you, but all the people I know that voted for Bush have a college education, Masters degrees, own houses and have a steady job. Looks like we know different people! Interesting..... Must have seemed to you that Kerry was going to win in a landslide, since all your friends that were smart were voting for him! I like how this points out that they are "Highly educated women". Did they say anything about eductation for the people that voted for Bush? No, just that they are dull, old people. Cracks me up man, another sign of the liberal media. Being a "cosmopolitan", ---One who has no fixed residence, or who is at home in every place; a citizen of the world. --- Meaning, they usually don't own a house, or have that responsiblity.... as I stated early.
  12. The reason I say this, is because... so what, we didn't find any WMD's... well, maybe we should have given Hussein one more chance (would have been chance #18). I think not. Have you seen any attacks on the US since we attacked? No. Do you feel safe in the US? I do! I wouldn't if that douche Kerry won and we pulled out of Iraq, giving the terrorists time to plan another attack. We took the war onto their soil. Why? Because better there than here. Did Saddam have WMD's? Maybe.... Maybe not.... no way to tell for sure... just because we didn't find them doesn't mean he didn't have them. I kinda wish we had found them, just so everyone would shut up! :lol: