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  1. Its always a subaru, jeep or ram in the ditch. We probably only got about 4" but the camry has Nokian snow tires and is excellent.
  2. If you join the facebook group TSOR - Toyota Sequoia Off Road, theres a member by the name of 'JoeJoe' who sells OEM parts at a steep discount. He only accepts Friends and Family paypal 😬but so far, so good, and no sales tax saves me a bunch. I pay with credit card through paypal for some protection.
  3. 2" lift, buying 32" tires and some wheels for it. Didn't want to mess with cutting up pinch welds and body mounts to fit 33" Funny that people mention car lifts, originally this work was to be done at a buddies house with lift but he got busy. This weekend I plan to use his lift for the p/s rack and ball joints.
  4. 2002 bought from the original owner with a stack of records. This will turn into our camping car and also substitute for rentals when family visits It needs a few fixes but nothing huge. Debating a 2" lift and 33's or just not ruin it and leave it alone.
  5. Nails? Potholes?.... I honestly expected the road to be better when moving out here. Doesn't help my work is next to a logging plant and we also run semi's down the road constantly too
  6. Added the edger attachment also added the "home-owner" special. Pretty impressed and it will work well for me (a homeowner) Then finally a keyboard. Work from home and school is killing my wrists
  7. Yeah my property is 6500 sq-ft so I've been managing with corded tools. The Rheem was a Corona special. Local plumbing business was desperate to clear old units. My heater was installed in a small alcove in the garage and only short heaters fit. This is what he had in stock and we cut a really nice deal for install, delivery and haul away. It seems to me that all the big box stores heaters are the same. A real AO Smith would be the best bet (not from Lowe's).
  8. How's your diff mounts look? I rent out a Barumn tool, still haven't made my money back
  9. already replaced: Cooling system Oil Filter housing gasket CCV/PCV system Fuel Filter Air Filter Oil & Filter windshield cowl windshield washer pump Intake Manifold gasket throttle body gasket disa valve o-ring all vacuum lines Spark plugs 2x window regulators Air Intake boots All belts and pulleys Need to replace Oil Pan Gasket Valve cover gasket VANOS o-rings flex joint on drive shaft Engine/trans/diff mounts
  10. How many places does it leak from? Also surprised to here it has more room than a P2. I can barely fit the front facing seat in the back of mine. Get some good tires in 245 width all around and enjoy it. My '03 330 with Koni FSD's and Eibach springs.
  11. I put 15.8 gallons into a 16.5 gallon tank yesterday...then ran my lawnmower out of gas later that day.
  12. I miss working at Tire shops for this reason. Perfectly balanced tires, and perfectly aligned cars. I'd be happier paying the same price and doing the work myself.