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  1. Nails? Potholes?.... I honestly expected the road to be better when moving out here. Doesn't help my work is next to a logging plant and we also run semi's down the road constantly too
  2. Added the edger attachment also added the "home-owner" special. Pretty impressed and it will work well for me (a homeowner) Then finally a keyboard. Work from home and school is killing my wrists
  3. Yeah my property is 6500 sq-ft so I've been managing with corded tools. The Rheem was a Corona special. Local plumbing business was desperate to clear old units. My heater was installed in a small alcove in the garage and only short heaters fit. This is what he had in stock and we cut a really nice deal for install, delivery and haul away. It seems to me that all the big box stores heaters are the same. A real AO Smith would be the best bet (not from Lowe's).
  4. How's your diff mounts look? I rent out a Barumn tool, still haven't made my money back
  5. already replaced: Cooling system Oil Filter housing gasket CCV/PCV system Fuel Filter Air Filter Oil & Filter windshield cowl windshield washer pump Intake Manifold gasket throttle body gasket disa valve o-ring all vacuum lines Spark plugs 2x window regulators Air Intake boots All belts and pulleys Need to replace Oil Pan Gasket Valve cover gasket VANOS o-rings flex joint on drive shaft Engine/trans/diff mounts
  6. How many places does it leak from? Also surprised to here it has more room than a P2. I can barely fit the front facing seat in the back of mine. Get some good tires in 245 width all around and enjoy it. My '03 330 with Koni FSD's and Eibach springs.
  7. I put 15.8 gallons into a 16.5 gallon tank yesterday...then ran my lawnmower out of gas later that day.
  8. I miss working at Tire shops for this reason. Perfectly balanced tires, and perfectly aligned cars. I'd be happier paying the same price and doing the work myself.
  9. Imgur has been the easiest for me. It has some of the editing tools that photobucket had as well.
  10. That's the only downside to the DWS, with tire width > HP (245 vs 225) I have a hard time breaking them loose too.
  11. Love the DWS 06 on the BMW. We had two small (1-2") snow days here but it was the wet slippery stuff and the tires were great. Nothing compared to a dedicated snow. They are also pretty quiet and grip well in the dry/wet. I'm not so sure how much of that will translate over to an SUV though. DicountTireDirect may have a good sale for the 4th. I think I got ~$200 in rebates when I ordered mine between the sale, Conti rebate, and DTD credit card rebate.
  12. As long as you are within the range (distance) of both, the cheaper one should be good enough for a hobbyist.
  13. some come with the metal impeller already. This one does. It's not sharp by any means but it chops up leaves, grass and small twigs in no problem. Also bought a few year old Honda Push mower for $100. Need to do the oil change and spark plug before I run it too much.
  14. Just for the sake of argument, $14,500 in 1991 is $25,500 in 2016 dollars. 2017 Sentra Nismo MSRP is $25,855 with delivery. I'm not sure where the $32K came from.
  15. Nope, you even welcomed me to the PNW last year
  16. I have a kid (16 months), moved to WA, bought a house and drive an old BMW...
  17. The DW is also on closeout. However at that little street mileage the DW's might dry-rot before they wear down.
  18. Between the house and the bmw I spend a good majority of my "free" time on maintenance tasks. We need to pour ~ 4 yards off gravel on the side yard, then tear up and completely replace the front flower bed. I also need to re-tape every single drywall corner. Then there's all the "Daddy and Mommy" projects that turn into me mangling pieces of wood to look like whatever she saw on pintrest. Maybe when Bethany is in college I'll finally be able to break out my orbital polisher.
  19. washed it, loaded it up with lexol. 2nd wash in 1 year of ownership, first interior cleaning
  20. BIL does security installs. He put Arlo camera's up in the house. Checking the retail prices for these I wouldn't have bought them. They are nice because they are wireless but that means having to deal with batteries and conserving battery life. So you end up turning down the quality, and not recording continuously. They also take a long time to detect motion. They have only been up for 4 days so I haven't seen the true battery life yet. All we really wanted was a baby camera to watch on the kid. Ended up with a whole security system ( 3 glass break sensors, 2 smoke sensors, sensors on all windows and doors, and 3 Arlo cameras) so I can't complain. edit: the arlo camera's blow big time. The main issue is that they don't record until motion stops, they just record sessions at whatever you tell it to. The maximum you can record per session is 2 minutes then there's a long lag time to save the file and restart the next session.
  21. Conti DWS 06. This is for the "winter" set. I was hoping to make it through winter on the 8 year old Toyos but they are like hockey pucks in the rain. I have 225/45 Star specs on the Kosei's. Once those are burned up I'll go up to 245 or 255.
  22. 245/40/17 for $391 after all rebates ($205). Through Discount Tire Direct.