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  1. BlackBrick

    Auto trans flush/drain

    It wouldn't be the additive directly. I've used autoRX in engine, and it does an excellent safe job slowly cleaning, and the dirty oil filter is proof. Since our trans have screens that can't be serviced, it could be clogging up because autoRX cleans so well, putting strain on ATF pump.
  2. BlackBrick

    Auto trans flush/drain

    I'm beginning to wonder if I prematurely wrecked one of my auto trans on my R. (Did have 175,009 miles) A year ago, I had put in some autoRX, the recommended half bottle. Changed fluid via cooling hoses method 6 months later. It was dark red. But trans shifted so much better, like new, and fluid remained pink. But 6 months after that, the trans pump went bad. I'll bet the filter got clogged.
  3. BlackBrick

    Auto trans flush/drain

    I've been flushing my 850 auto trans every 30,000 miles using the cooling hoses method. But I was thinking, that only changes out fluid after the filter, correct? Should we also use drain plug? Does that empty out fluid before the filter?
  4. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    BTW, I'm thinking about the possibility of selling. Black 97 850R sedan, 175000 miles, well looked after last 12+ years. Auto trans is shot, valve stems are leaking bad. Not sure what the market is for a genuine R. $2000 as is?
  5. I did a little test on my 1997 850 Turbo GLT (2.4L) to see how much heat soak these engines generate after shutdown. I'm glad to report, not bad! ambient air temp: 57F Shutdown: 203F 30 seconds: 192F 1 minute: 199F 2 minutes: 203F 4 minutes: 205F 7 minutes: 203F 12 minutes: 199F
  6. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    So I had some time to look at my car. Pretty sure the A/T pump is at fault. Very noisy, a loud grinding whiny noise, in all gears including P and N. I am flushing, and notice flow pressure is minimal to nothing at idle. Car had been shifting excellent up until now, and fluid although dark red is not burnt. I only drove one day like this. I assume the pump is not fixable with trans still in car? I've run a gallon of new atf thru, but no change. Am I stuff out of luck? OK, read up about it. Definitely can't fix the pump. Looks like manual swap is in my future!
  7. BlackBrick


    Please fall to the bottom of the lake.
  8. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    Just got a great idea - I think I'm going to part out my 97 R Sedan , remove the engine, work on the engine/ 5 speed on an engine stand, and then eventually transfer the engine/trans and all my R parts to my 97 GLT Wagon! I hate to say goodbye to a real R, but i think a fake R 850 manual wagon will be much cooler.
  9. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    Been reading a bit about lowering subframe and removing/installing trans, looks like I'll need to borrow some equipment - a transmission jack, and something to support the engine from above, since I'll be doing it all on my own.
  10. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    Thanks, that's good to know, so only difference is the shifter insert? I'd like to keep my dark wood R center console. Maybe I could find a busted up Manual center console cheap and just fit that part. Thanks!
  11. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    a bit off topic, but I assume most of the center consoles for 5 speeds are simple black, since they are for NA cars. I guess I'm going to lose my nice dark wood trim that matches my dashboard? ;( were there any R center consoles for 5 speeds sold to Canada? Or only in Europe?
  12. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    yeah, luckily it's been done so much now over the last 15 years, so lot of good information. I just wasn't sure if most people have moved on to newer Volvos by now. I've pulled out trans from rear wheel drive cars, but never front wheel drive. Seems pretty complicated to me, but I guess I'll find out.
  13. BlackBrick

    850R manual swap still done?

    I'm in Seattle, so not that far. What are you selling, and how much are you asking? Fyi, I'm only looking at 96-97 M56's for my 97.
  14. Well, my beloved 97 850R sedan's A/T finally went out at 175,800 miles. I've run the car as my daily driver for the last 12.5 years! I've always wanted to drive this car with a five speed...are M56 swaps done much these days? I don't really want to deal with a donor car, but are swap kits still around? I'd have to do all the work by myself, and would have to drop the subframe rather than pull the engine/trans. Could gather parts this spring, and do the swap this summer. I'm in my 50s now, so hope I can pull it off. I'd hate to get rid of the car...