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  1. Yeah, i flushed it once since owning it in 2017, I'll bet I was the first one to do it. Still, seals shouldn't go that easy. My 850 Wagon I will forever keep! My 850R Sedan i sadly had to scrap last year.
  2. Doing simple rear pad/rotor change on my 2012 C30, only 90,000 miles. Turn right side piston back in, no issue. Turn left side piston back in, brake fluid comes out of boot. Its definitely leaking now, so seal is bad. Wasn't leaking before brake job. My 1997 850 with 205,000 miles still has original calipers!! Does this different design, instead of just pushing back pistons, cause failure more often? I wonder if turning the piston can tear old seals.
  3. 2012 Volvo C30. I drained all coolant from radiator (using red plastic drain), and engine block (using hose going into the oil cooler behind oil pan) I assume the only coolant left in the system was heater core. Upon refilling, it only took 1 1/2 gallons of coolant mix. Is this right? I thought I read the cooling system was 3 gallons. No way 1 1/2 gallons was left in heater core. The car reached normal temp no problem, and ran fine. ?