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Free application to help maximize camera power on the smartphone: Open Camera
With the default photography application on smartphones, it is often limited to shooting functions with preset modes and users are usually not allowed to set the parameters to take pictures. In other words, with available camera applications, users often do not fully exploit their camera's capabilities on smartphones.
Open camera at is a free application for Android, full of features and built on open source, so it's easy to use. The app is equipped with a range of attractive features that are rated as extremely new such as automatic anti-shake, set the shooting mode, and voice control. This application is entirely free for android, IOS and even without ads included.
Open Camera has a simple interface but many features.
The interface of the Open Camera is equivalent to the usual familiar shooting interface, but there are more options for users to set the smartphone's shooting modes.
Open Camera is trendy and has a growing number of users on platforms, because of its great features. You can use Open Camera to take photos, edit quickly, delete image errors, edit contrast, edit dark skin color and more. Open Camera will produce an extremely wonderful photo in only a short time.
In addition to the familiar photo editing functions, Open Camera also allows users to edit the skin, hair, eyes and other body parts before sharing the photos on today's popular social networks. Therefore, this free Open Camera application is favored by users with millions of downloads worldwide.
Open Camera is a great app for those with a Selfie addiction. Not only rocking selfie stick support, but this photography software also allows users to delight in transforming their photos with real-time filters, attaching extremely interesting emoticons, stickers, and other blur effects.
Although most Android camera applications possess similar features, Open Camera is still the most chosen because the camera interface is easy to use.
In particular, here you can also set the camera's ISO level, which is a feature that many smartphones are not equipped for their photography application. The higher the ISO level, the brighter the image is taken in low light conditions, but there will be noise on the captured image.
Besides, Open Camera also has some small features which are quite useful such as a timer for taking pictures or voice control, automatic repeat mode, optimized interface for users, depending on whether they are left-handed or right-handed or even save the location of the photo via GPS data. Overall, Open Camera is a simple application that provides many powerful tools and is well worth using on Android devices.
The main feature of Open Camera photography application for Android
Optional automatic anti-shake (auto-stabilize) so the image is always perfect no matter what environment you shoot in.
Zoom feature with multi-touch gestures and one-touch controls.
Touch to select a focus area and metering area (Metering mode is used to determine exposure in a specific area).
Support Flash modes, Torch, focus mode, scene mode, color effect, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation, exposure lock, and face detection.
Although the camera interface is not friendly and eye-catching, Open Camera possesses many useful tools, allowing users to customize many parameters of the photo, before they start pressing the shutter button such as turn on, turn off Flash, focus, ISO, white balance (WB), EV exposure compensation, face detection as well as specialized shooting modes such as landscape photos, and night photos.
Also, Open Camera possesses a remarkable feature, providing users with the function of auto-stabilize, promising to bring the perfect picture quality. When recording video, Open Camera supports the ability to record videos at the highest resolution of 1080p, and you can quickly change the focus point or even focus and zoom during recording.
To set up more details for the camera, click on the third icon from the right. Here, users can set the flash mode (auto, off, open, red-eye reduction), and focus mode (auto, macro photography).
The "White balance" section below allows users to adjust the level of white balance to suit different shooting conditions, such as shooting under incandescent conditions, shooting under fluorescent conditions or take photos at all daylight conditions
The "Scene Mode" section allows users to select a shooting mode suitable for the scene, such as landscape mode, snow photography, fireworks photos, flower photography.
Meanwhile, the "Color effect" section will allow users to create color effects on images, to create photos with unique and exciting results.
Video recording with audio options, stabilizing video images is shaky when video stabilization, supports all resolutions, including HD.
Optional horizontal or vertical rotation lock when taking photos or recording videos.
Timer mode with voice countdown option.
Auto-repeat mode with a latency configuration option.
Optional interface for left-handed or right-handed.
Customize controls with volume buttons.
Option to take photos remotely by making noise (voice, whistle ...) or by voice commands.
Disable sound when shooting.
Diversify grid mode and sample size when cropping images.
Option to mark photos and videos based on GPS positioning.
Add dates, time stickers and text to photos.
Allow selfie.
Support internal microphone (not all devices are supported).
Support widget to automatically take a photo after opening the app.
Compact, completely free and without ads.
Overall, Open Camera is an application that gives you the ability to maximize the function of taking photos on your smartphone, making it possible to capture better images with your smartphone instead of using apps. Use the default built-in photography on the product. Try it at Apk download now!